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3 days good 4 days bad? Can't decide...

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Moomin Sun 08-Jul-07 19:58:37

Hurrah! Have been offered new job starting in Sept at a school which is literally in my back garden (or rather a 2 min walk) after working at one for the last 10 years which involved a 45 mins commute either way on the motorway.

I work 2 days at the moment but between dd1 and dd2 I worked 3 days which was ideal. I wanted to go up to 3 days from Sept and my new Head is happy with that. Dd1's school is about 5 mins walk away and dd2's childminder is 10 mins walk now. Because I was given this job on very short notice, I've got a bit of a jumbled timetable and the Head has offered me a choice:

EITHER work 3 full days but my classes will be split and a bit inconsistent

OR work 3 days' worth of hours spread over 4 days, with Fridays off, a late start Monday, lunchtime finish on Weds and hour earlier finish on Thursdays. This would mean better continuity with classes and (probably) greater job satisfaction.

Obviously travelling is not a problem at all now, and dd2 loves her childminder; even if I work 4 days I'll be able to pick dd1 up from school 3 times a week and take her there twice. I'm just wondering if it might be a bit much for me after only working 2 days for the last year, and dd2 is still little and I was looking forward to a bit more time with her. I've got to let them know what I decide tomorrow morning. Any thoughts/experience of this?

yellowvan Sun 08-Jul-07 20:03:49

I think it sounds good. Personally I love finishing at lunchtime sometimes, cos you can really go for it in the am knowing youndon't have to sustain it all day. However I would warn about overrun, you know, hanging around chatting to people, being roped into extra bits and bobs cos yr still on the premises, finding yself doing 4 days work for 3 days pay. Stll, I would grab it with both hands and am highly as have been looking for similar job for 4 years. Good luck!

ChasingSquirrels Sun 08-Jul-07 20:09:22

I went back on 3 full days (not a teacher btw) and changed to 4 long mornings (8am - 1.30pm). I MUCH MUCH MUCH prefer the long mornings, it gives me more of a presence at work, plus gives me every afternoon with the kids - and means that when ds1 starts school in Sep I will be able to pick him up every day.

My friend teaches and does 5 mornings, but on 80% (they have assembly etc in the afternoon so she actually teaches 80% of the timetable). Works out fab for her - like you she recently changed to this from a 45min commute school, this one is about 10 mins, and she says it makes such a difference to her life.

Personally, the late starts don't work for me as it means we don't really do anything, but it does mean you can drop your dd at school which is good, plus you get some morning time with your dd2.

I think it would work well.

HappyMummyOfOne Sun 08-Jul-07 21:29:18

I'm not a teacher but do 3 full days rather then splitting my hours over 4/5 days. I much prefer it as I get 4 days off in a row to spend with DS and find it easier to keep on top of the housework etc. However the other p/t member does 5 mornings so she can do the school collection and not have to use childcare. I personally prefer the longer weekend and wouldnt switch my hours.

sassy Mon 09-Jul-07 12:15:58

I'd go for the 4 day option if I were you. Chasing squirresl's point about presence at work is a good one, esp as you are going to be in a new place where you won't be known for a while (by kids or staff).

Well done BTW! Am really chuffed for you. Will call you soon to arrange meeting up in the hols - dd1 is keen to see your dd1. (I've lost your new moby no, so can you text it to me sometime please?)

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