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yearofthehorse Thu 07-Mar-19 19:49:45

I have recently left a very busy but very interesting job and think I may have made a mistake. The job involved, amongst lot of admin, a lot of marketing tasks - dealing with graphic designers and media bookers, posting on social media and generally raising and recruiting interest. I really enjoyed it and applied for several jobs in Marketing as a result but because of lack of formal qualifications, didn't even get an interview. I have now got a better paid job elsewhere but realise that I really miss the creativity that it offered. It's not possible for me to to go down the degree path (already have a degree in another subject) but wondered if anyone could suggest a shorter but well respected course that might make me more desirable!

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MT2017 Fri 08-Mar-19 22:10:10

Marketing diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing? Mine was 12 months.

yearofthehorse Sat 09-Mar-19 09:50:46

Thanks MT. Will check it out.

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JamMakingWannaBe Sun 10-Mar-19 23:00:54

I did a Distance Learning course with Cambridge Marketing College. CIM accredited.

Espoleta Sun 10-Mar-19 23:06:52

There’s certificate with ipa if you want to go agency side

Justamemory Wed 13-Mar-19 15:55:40

I did a 3 month course on Shaw Academy. Not the most certified course however it's gotten me several marketing jobs over the last couple of years (and loads of interviews) so can't be all bad!

yearofthehorse Wed 13-Mar-19 19:08:55

Thanks all, really helpful. I suspect I'm a bit long in the tooth really (although that never occurred to me until a LinkedIn CV checker advised me to take the dates off my CV) but I've still got a few years left in me so worth a punt.

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