Unpaid holiday pay

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FanSpamTastic Wed 06-Mar-19 16:22:53

My DD left a job and has been struggling to get holiday pay owed to her. We are following this through with ACAS who have been very helpful - although they are not having any more success than her.

I thought this was just down to this being a fairly new employer who may not have processes in place. But it seems this is endemic with many high street employers systematically depriving employees of holiday pay. I was shocked to read this report. £1.8 billion of holiday pay not paid each year!

Unpaid Britain

I would now advise my DD to make sure she takes all of her holiday entitlement whilst working and not to expect it to be paid to her when leaving - unless you are fortunate to work for a very reputable company!

I am contemplating printing something out and handing it out to all the staff working in the various branches of the chain she used to work for!

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ChicCroissant Wed 06-Mar-19 16:24:12

I'd say it's fairly common unfortunately!

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