Not quite settling into new role

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Spaceunicorn6789 Mon 04-Mar-19 18:21:01

Is it always like this? Admittedly I'm only on day 4 but I'm struggling a bit.

The first three days everyone was really busy so I spent time familiarising myself with policies and procedures, e-learning etc.

The team (6 people) are all really close and I'm feeling a bit like an outsider just now, lots of in jokes... They all are in a WhatsApp group and socialise outside of work so often are talking about that. They did invite me out with them on Saturday but as I don't drink I felt like a bit of a left out lemon as they got drunker and drunker so I left quite early.

Today, the person who is meant to be training me returned and we have clashed already. She had given me a task to do and the task was not legally compliant and she got her back up when I politely told her that her calculations weren't correct so there has been a bit of a bad atmosphere the rest of the afternoon.

I'm just feeling a bit deflated as I was so excited to start. Is it just first week hiccups and everything will work out or have I made a terrible decision??

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Isleepinahedgefund Mon 04-Mar-19 21:16:24

It's very early days, hang in there! It's always unsettling to be in a new job with all new people and familiarising yourself with it all.

GaynorGoodwin Tue 05-Mar-19 06:40:28

New jobs can be awful. Give it time and just see how things go, it may be ok in a few weeks.

RussellSprout Tue 05-Mar-19 11:21:46

It takes time. If you notice something not quite right, rather than point it out directly, just ask questions about it - more of the oh how does that work type of thing. Avoid direct criticism at all costs! Even if that means they make some fuck up later down the line.. not your problem for now.

I speak from experience on this, in a former role I was new, actually 5 months in but still in probation. I pointed out to my manager that she'd misdiagnosed something and the atmosphere became very frosty and next thing I know my probation was extended (she lied about the reasons, made it about something else but I later found out the truth from someone else)

Thatsalovelycuppatea Wed 13-Mar-19 19:12:30

In a similar situation. Been there a few months.
no one has given me their number yet, but always in contact with each other via text and talking about it. I try not to react. Keep on making an effort hopefully, after six months things should settle.thanks

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