I've just found out I'm pregnant but I have a job interview in two weeks time. Is it OK to hide it and if I'm not entitled to SMP, is Maternity Allowance going to be sufficient when I'm off work?

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nicnoc84 Sun 03-Mar-19 11:17:59

I've just found out I'm pregnant but I have a job interview in two weeks time. Is it OK to hide my pregnancy and if I'm not entitled to SMP, would Maternity Allowance be sufficient when I'm off work on Maternity leave ? Is it easy to claim? I am due 9th November so ages away yet. I don't understand the money side of things. Can anyone offer any advice please?

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flowery Sun 03-Mar-19 11:30:39

You wouldn’t be ‘hiding’ your pregnancy. You are attending the job interview to talk about your skills and experience and capabilities with regards to the job you have applied for. Your pregnancy is not relevant any more than any other personal or medical circumstances you might be in, so do not mention it. Give the employer the opportunity to evaluate you fairly without that information clouding things.

Maternity Allowance is the same as SMP except it’s at the flat rate all through, and doesn’t have the initial 6 weeks at 90% of pay.

RandomMess Sun 03-Mar-19 11:35:42

If SMP or SMA isn't sufficient it means you need to return to work more quickly. Have you calculated how much income you need weekly to cope financially when not earning your usual wage?

RussellSprout Sun 03-Mar-19 19:59:56

A bunch of strangers on the internet can't tell you if maternity allowance will be sufficient - surely that depends on your savings/outgoings/partners income etc.

also bear in mind that statutory maternity pay, which most places will only pay, is only greater than maternity allowance for the first 6 weeks - after that you're on the same weekly SMP rate until week 39, then nada.

Lazypuppy Sun 03-Mar-19 20:46:04

Maternity allowance is around £140 a week, so only you will know if that is sufficient for you.

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