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My 18yr DS has just been suspended from work for 1 week . IT's ALL MY FAULT

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lisa111 Sat 07-Jul-07 00:13:23

Ok now the details:
He works for Tesco, he has a Tesco privilege card. He receives 10% discount on purchases.

We only shop at Tesco, when my son is working we go in and do our shopping. He comes to the till and passes his card to me so that we get the discount.

I have never taken the card or used it without him being present.

Tonight my DP went into Tesco for a few bits, my son gave him the card but was unable to stay at the till point with my DP. My DP used the card and returned it to my son.

The Manager has suspended him for 1 week on full pay, telling him "letting another person use his privilege card is FRAUD"

We all live in the same house, myself and my DP provide everything for our 3ds's.

I spent £123.00 last week in another Tesco store without my son's privilege card.

Now my DS may lose his job, its all my fault he is only 18, wanting to help his mum out.

How can i HELP him keep his job.

Please Please help me xxx

cornsilk Sat 07-Jul-07 00:14:40

Write a letter in to the manager explaining the situation. Hope you get it sorted out.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sat 07-Jul-07 00:16:17

Could he not say that he buys shopping rather than pay rent? Hence why card is being used? Or do you pay for shopping with your credit/debot card ?

lisad123 Sat 07-Jul-07 00:16:29

But my friend works for tesco too and you are allowed to use it for family and tesco put a yearly limit on the discount oo Cheeky buggers.
Ring his boss and explain.

Leati Sat 07-Jul-07 00:20:46

I would have your son write a letter explaining the situation to the manager. Make sure that the letter is regretful for the misunderstanding, that the letter explains how important his job is to him, and that he specifically asks to be allowed to return to work.

RedTartanLass Sat 07-Jul-07 00:33:08

Och lisa111, myds1 used to work for Asda but they're allowed an extra one. Doesn't help you, but just know how awful you're feeling. I thinbk LEATI sugg4estion is good, get him to write a letter, explaining what had happenned and doing some grovelling.

I'm sure it'll be ok.

lisa111 Sat 07-Jul-07 00:36:33

The terms do state: All purchases made are for personal use of card holder and for the use of members of their household only?

I still receive child benefit for him. He is at college and works part time. I pay with cash, credit card and debit card.

They know we have had problems in the family, 6 weeks ago i had a m/c and my son was sent home from work as he was too upset.

I am on mat leave without pay, i decided to return to work early, but having a m/c wrecked my head. My son only wants to help as much as he possibly can.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sat 07-Jul-07 00:40:50

Sorry for your loss

This is the last thing you need

BLOODY TESCOS like they cant afford it

Leati Sat 07-Jul-07 00:42:33

Maybe his manager isn't aware that he was using the card for a family member?

lisa111 Sat 07-Jul-07 00:58:49

He gave the card to my dp, he was busy so couldn't stay with him at the till.

When i shop i insist he stays and i make it known to the checkout assistant i am his mum.

On this occasion i stayed in the car with the baby (he started nursery this week and already has a cold)

I will write a letter to the Manager, explaining it all. But why not accept my sons version?

Leati Sat 07-Jul-07 01:38:45

I don't think you writing a letter is a good idea. Your son really should be the one to write the letter. It is like having someone else call in for you, it is just less credible. I do believe that your sons manager should believe him. Sometime, managers have power control issue and maybe at some point that particular manager felt challenged by your son. If that is the case, your son letter of apology will play to the managers ego. Anyway, I wish you luck.

tigermoth Sat 07-Jul-07 07:07:55

I think you should write a letter as it looks like a bit of a misunderstanding. Both you and your son could sign it. You need to back up your son's story IMO. You could give your phone number in the letter and say if the manager wants to talk it through, he can call you.

It sounds like the manager was being harsh. But if he has told your son he is suspended for a week, does that mean he has said your son can return to work automatically afterwards?

Also, I think you and your son need to find out if this will go on his work record. This may affect what references his manager gives him if your son applies for a job somewhere else. This is another reason why you need to intervene and you need to back him up.

earlgrey Sat 07-Jul-07 07:24:54

What cornsilk said. You are a family. You may have different surnames (sorry, that's an assumption) but you ARE a family. Write that letter.

FlamingTomatoes Sat 07-Jul-07 07:49:03

My god this is outrageous!

Write that letter and copy to the Guardian!

Oblomov Sat 07-Jul-07 07:57:31

The Manager is being petty. I wonder what would happen if you asked to speak to the Area Manager. I think your son should be allowed to return to work immediately.

Nightynight Sat 07-Jul-07 08:12:13

Is anyone in the family a union member, the union would support you. It does sound as though you are in the clear according to the rule book.
Does the manager have something against your son? The whole situation sounds pretty upsetting.

tatt Sat 07-Jul-07 08:13:40

get your son to write saying he hadn't realised it was fraud. The purchases were made for his use but his father / (stepfather?) paid for him as he was working. Possibly your son is not supposed to make purchases during his working hours?

He's been suspended with pay so I'd expect him to get his job back. If not and he's been working long enough he would just claim unfair dismissal.

If he is in a union ask them for advice. Even if he isn't the union might be interested in the point of principle.

lisa111 Sat 07-Jul-07 11:41:39

I have had TESCO TESCO TESCO dreams all night i should sue TESCO for the stress.

We are both in unions (luckily).
He is suspended on full pay, he has to attend an interview, he will be going with his unoin rep and it is possible he could be sacked.

I found the Privilege card rules:

1, The goods purchased using the Privilege card must be for personal use of the employee, their partner/spouse, or any other family member living permanently with the employee at the employee's address as held on company records.

From my understanding of Rule 1, buying nappies for his brother, nail varnish for mother, and beer for himself is not breeching these rules.

The only thing he did wrong was not be present at the actual transaction.

Rule 3, Privilege card can also be used for purchases through Tesco Direct and

So i could do my shopping on line and he is not in breech of the rules???

I will gather as much proof as i possibly can, i have printed off the Privilege card rules. I have bank statements, visa statements and till receipts. He only got the bloody thing early May.

I presume they are going to have a print out of all his purchases on the card.

If he gets sacked i will never ever shop at Tesco again, my grocery shopping is £800.00 a month.

Oblomov Sat 07-Jul-07 11:51:21

Oh I love it when people fight the Big Boys. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.
Storm down there and confront the Manager. Yeaaaaaahhhhh. Can I come ? I am getting all excited. Calm down Oblomov. Sorry.

flowerybeanbag Sat 07-Jul-07 12:41:39

Some people just have too much power don't they?!

Sounds from the Privilege rules as though your ds should be fine, and having a union rep there will be a big help, but a trauma you don't need really isn't it?!

Assuming this is all cleared up at the interview, and your ds is reinstated, nothing should stay on his record, and the union rep should make sure that happens.

good luck

tatt Sat 07-Jul-07 16:15:56

hmmm, depends how they define a family really. I'm surprised they are doing this and would expect the union rep to be incensed. Perhaps the manager didn't realise who your partner was?

Judy1234 Sat 07-Jul-07 16:21:47

I read your posting from the rules. Where does it say that if you use the card in the shop you have to use it yourself and be present? Does it say anything about the employee not being allowed to give the card to family members to buy things?

SoupDragon Sat 07-Jul-07 17:03:44

Is it a misunderstanding because your DP does not have the same name and is not obviously a family member?

chocolatekimmy Sun 08-Jul-07 21:59:13

The suspension for a week is crap.

If they suspect gross misconduct then they should (in most cases) suspend the individual in order to commence a full investigation. He should have been told that suspension isn't a punishment but that he will be required to attend an investigation into the alleged misconduct. They should really have set up the meeting asap - not just suspend him for a set period of time. Must also offer him right to representation at the meeting and make it clear as to what the allegations are.

I would challenge why they haven't arranged a meeting already.

He is on sticky grounds as he has given his card to someone else to use when technically it sounds as if he can only make the transaction himself (pay for the goods). He has a good case to fight though as he can obviously prove where he/you live and that the goods are for use in that household.

I would be astonished if they did dismiss him for gross misconduct under these circumstances. Does he have any other conduct warnings on file - for a similar thing? Also how long has he been employed as he would only have a case for unfair dismissal (if they sack him) if he has been there for more than a year.

They would have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he has committed the 'offence'. Technically he has and he should have been more careful but on the other hand its not like he is allowing a mate to use it.

sallywally27 Mon 09-Jul-07 21:21:49

You need to find out whether other people have been sacked for the same thing and what the disciplinary policy says: it should give a non-exhaustive list of what might constitute gross misconduct.

Before the meeting, he needs to be provided with the allegations in writing and also any evidence that will be used against him in the disciplinary. He's only allowed to be accompanied by a Union rep who is qualified to attend in that capacity, or by a work colleague - not by a lawyer or a family member so you wouldn't be allowed to attend.

Hope it goes well.

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