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kt1605 Thu 28-Feb-19 12:07:09

hi everyone - i'm new to this so i apologise if there is already a thread discussing this because i couldn't find one

now my child has properly settled into their first year in school i've been looking at getting back into work, but i want something that's flexible.
i worked in a nursery before she was born. one of the ladies who i worked with has gotten into nvq assessing since she has left to have her children, and she loves it. just wondering if anyone else has had experience in this area and how flexible you find it?
also, any recommendations for any training providers who run the courses to become an assessor would be very helpful!

thanks smile

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Candidsugar Thu 28-Feb-19 15:21:05

It’s very flexible as you plan when you see your students and you manage your own workload though you will have deadlines and meetings to attend. Be prepared for lots of paperwork though and answering the phone to students questions at different times of the day and night.

Also you need to be able to motivate people who may not necessarily be bothered about getting their qualification but have to do them because work say so which can be hard going.

Good luck on getting your qualification. No specific recommendations, there’s plenty out there and obviously it depends what area you live in.

melissasummerfield Thu 28-Feb-19 15:26:16


It is a flexible job as you tend to manage your own day and work from home, however getting the qualification can be tricky as you need to have learners to be observed as an assessor. You might be better off trying to get a trainee asssessor role at a college as you will then have access to learners

kt1605 Mon 04-Mar-19 16:30:02

Thanks for the advice guys - signed up to a course on friday night :D how long have you both been assessing for?

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melissasummerfield Mon 04-Mar-19 16:43:55

I dont assess anymore, but i did it for 5 years and really enjoyed it, good luck!

sugarcubed Wed 06-Mar-19 19:34:19

I don’t assess anymore either, did it for 4 years. All the best with your qualification.

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