Notice period in probation period

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halibut20 Mon 25-Feb-19 17:39:17

Hoping someone can help - if in my contract it says that the employer can terminate my employment in probation period with one week's notice, does that work the same for me if I want to leave, ie I need to give one week's notice? Thanks

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fromthefloorboardsup Mon 25-Feb-19 17:40:07

Yes, usually. It should say how much notice you need to give.

grincheux Mon 25-Feb-19 17:40:18

Yes it does. 😁

halibut20 Mon 25-Feb-19 17:40:59

Thank you! It doesn't specifically say that so I was a bit confused. Thank you grin

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Highfever Mon 25-Feb-19 18:27:11

You shouldn't have to give more than they state they'll give you.

flowery Mon 25-Feb-19 19:49:31

Does your contract say nothing about what notice you need to give them? If so, a week is fine.

halibut20 Mon 25-Feb-19 20:05:24

@flowery it does but that's after probation period which is 3 months - so it says during probationary period they can terminate with one week's notice, and after probation it's 2 months. But doesn't say anything about what notice I would have to give in probation period IYSWIM!

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flowery Mon 25-Feb-19 21:05:37

So it specifically states that you are required to give x weeks’/months’ notice once probation is complete but doesn’t say anything about notice during probation?

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