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MummaL24 Sun 24-Feb-19 11:56:59

Hi I'm not sure if anyone can help shed some light on this -

I work a second job at tesco mainly to earn a bit more for holiday money

I have a contract of 9 hours a week with this employer and sometimes I will put myself down for over time shifts

I had said I would do an over time shift a couple of weeks ago but I feel ill with flu so cancelled the shift and also my contracted shift. I've just checked my pay and the over time shift has been added to my pay then deducted even tho it's not a contracted shift can they do this? As on my payslip now where it says total you have earned has increased massively which means I'm not nearer the taxable amount of earnings even tho it was contracted and I didn't do it

For example this over time shift should of been an extra £100

They've added £100 to my monthly wage

Then deducted £100 for me not doing the shift I don't understand why it's on my pay slip I didn't do the shift so and it wasn't mine to do so why have I lost money for it my pay should of just been my normal wage no? Without the extra shift or am I getting this wrong?

I need to speak to employer and every month my wages don't seem right and my basic pay is added up of location pay Sunday premium it's never what my contract states I should be paid seems more hassle then it's worth having this extra job anyway any help on this would be great

Many thanks

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outreach29 Sun 24-Feb-19 12:03:14


Don't understand your post.

If they added £100, and then took away £100 - all for a shift you didn't do, how exactly is that a problem?

MummaL24 Sun 24-Feb-19 12:54:39

Sorry I thought I explained it better

I put myself down for overtime not a contracted shift just some over time.

I didn't do the over time shift as I was sick but it wasn't my shift to do I just offered to do it as overtime cover they've deducted the money for a shift I wasn't contracted to do

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MummaL24 Sun 24-Feb-19 12:55:53

It has been added to my total earnings meaning I'm closer to taxable limits for a shift I didn't do that I didn't have to do as it wasn't my shift to cover

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AnchorDownDeepBreath Sun 24-Feb-19 13:39:21

If you put yourself down for overtime, you are then contracted to do that shift. It might not be your standard contracted hours, but you've agreed to do them.

That is then recorded. If they've added it and then removed it, it's balanced out - your tax will be rebalanced in April so if it hasn't righted itself by then, they'll pay you back any overpaid tax l.

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