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Worried about when dd starts school/child care/work complications

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FloatingOnTheMed Thu 05-Jul-07 20:05:32

dd starts school in Sept, but child care is going to change in Jan

I work 3 days a week 9-5. I am hoping to negotiate hours at work from Jan to do the same amount of hours over 4 days instead.

Mum has dd 1 day a week, my friend (a nanny) has her the other 2. In Jan I will be needing to use a childminder (Mum doing 1 pick up each week)

I need an hour and a half to travel to and from work so I leave home at 7:40am at the moment.

DD's school is about half hour walk away (at dd's pace) so a childminder is likely to be about the same distance.

This means from Jan in order to be in work by 8:45am I will need to leave home with dd about 7am - a 5:30am wake up!

If I wanted to pick dd up from school (would soooo love to) I would need to leave work at 1:30pm!

I hope to be able to work 1 full day, with my mum picking dd up from school that day. I think dd & I could cope with one early morning a week, anyway.

But the other days? - do I go for the 9-1:30 shift and be tired out with having to get up so early, or do I give dd a long day at school then with the childminder so I can start & leave work later?

FloatingOnTheMed Thu 05-Jul-07 20:09:08

that was silly, i thought i'd previewed , read it & then changed my mind entirely about starting the conversation but now it's too late.... ignore if you want!

Am now thinking i could mix it up, do a couple of later days, a couple of early . would many childminders be ok with that?

jackie2kids Thu 05-Jul-07 20:12:48

Sounds complicated FoM

I thought I was doing well negotiating work hrs around school and asking for term time contract.

But have been stuffed by the 3 week part time buisness at beginning of term and all the visits etc.

I'm sure my employer is working out how to make me redundant.

ChasingSquirrels Thu 05-Jul-07 20:19:21

would you really have to be up 1.5 hrs before you leave?
mine go to a cm one day a week, we leave the house at 7.15am, I get up at 6.45am, shower, get dressed, get them up, get ds2 dressed while ds1 gets himself dressed, pick up the bag that I packed the night before and go (when dh is home he helps with the getting them ready).
They have breakfast at the cm, which saves time in the morning.
i do 8am - 1pm, leave at 7.15am (on cm day, a bit later on the other days when my mum comes to my house as i don't need to drop them off) and get back at 1.30pm, so less travel than you but i do find that it works well having the afternoon with them - not sure what i will do when ds2 goes to school (ds1 starts in sep) but will be a while yet anyway.

what a cm would be happy with - first u need to find a cm you are happy with, then you need to talk to them. i suspect mine WOULD be happy with it, but she does a lot of ad-hoc hours anyway, so it would fit ok.

mixing gives a good mix, a couple of early mornings, and a couple of later finishes (although on the other hand it is nice for a parent to be able to pick them up) - would you be able to trial it with the proviso that you can re-consider in 3 months when it has settled down?

BetsyBoop Thu 05-Jul-07 20:31:40

is there any option for you to work from home one day a week? I know a few people with a long commute who do this, saves on the travelling time, so you can still do a "long" day, but as you're at home pick your DD up from school.

FloatingOnTheMed Thu 05-Jul-07 20:50:36

Thanks guys.
ChasingSquirrels - I had forgotten about the option of having breakfast with the childminder, doH! I think dd would be pretty upset to miss out on breakfast at home (her fave meal of the day, first thing we do when we get up) but she would just have to get used to it!

I would take half hour to get myself ready (shower etc), and then I would need to have breakfast myself (I wouldn't cope travelling without having had it) so dd might as well too to be honest.

Atm on the days I'm at home, we get up at 7:30am, we leave for preschool about 8:50am. But that's with me just being skanky, not showering etc, just bunging my clothes on. So 5:30 would be when I would have to get up - i guess as long as she slept through that, I could wake dd as late as I needed to. hmm, yes, perhaps 6am is looking more possible........

BetsyBoop - I have asked work about the possibility of working from home and apparently they talked about it recently but decided they didn't have the resources to consider it (yet). I don't think there's any harm in me pushing for it though.

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