Being forced to tell employees

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Mummyofdrb Wed 20-Feb-19 20:13:51

Am I right in saying this is a little unfair
I’m 7 weeks pregnant
So I work in a lab, there are only 5 of us in my departmenty lab bit and 2 don’t know I’m pregnant
So yesterday morning, I couldn’t stop being sick, text my boss saying I will be in but may be a little later than normal. I arrived jut under 1 hour late, still green and not feeling great.

He has just said to me now, if it happens again then I will have to tell the other 2 because he doesn’t want them to think I’m special for unknown reasons.

Surely it should be my choice when I decide to tell them? I’ve not even told my mum or dad yet

Feeling very emotional about it all 😰

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gindrinkingmarypoppins Wed 20-Feb-19 20:16:41

Absolutely your choice. So what if they think you're special for some reason? That's his issue as a manager, not yours as an employee. For what it's worth, I would find it highly unlikely that they don't already know or have guessed...but either way, not your problem.

BlueJava Wed 20-Feb-19 20:17:38

I think he's unreasonable. I had an employee (different reason) who was late in for several mornings - all agreed in advance and understandable. Someone complained that they were being given special treatment and I hadn't said anything about the lateness. I simply said "You don't know what's been agreed in advance or what people might be going through. Maybe one day you will need the same consideration yourself but until you do I suggest it's between me and the employee concerned". Never said a word more.

Intheprimeoflime Wed 20-Feb-19 20:22:01

What BlueJava said. It's none of their business.

Meet0nTheledge Wed 20-Feb-19 20:31:10

No, you should not have to tell. Have you or your employer done a risk assessment if you are working in a lab?

Mummyofdrb Wed 20-Feb-19 20:58:07

I don’t think they have guessed, I’m not showing or really doing anything different.

Yes risk assessment has been done, that’s the only reason I told my boss so early.

I told one of my super good friends (he has been there forever and is older so thought he could give me more insight) and this was his message (M is our boss and H & T are our colleagues)

So I'm not taking sides here just looking at the points from both sides.
From M he is worried that h and t could claim similar 'leaniencies' as you. However that's just the way M is ...he over thinks everything and speaks b4 he thinks.
I think you should take a more relaxed view. At some point not too far away everyone will know.
So I understand that you want to keep everything under wraps until your ready to tell. My view is either see M and say that your not telling anyone yet because ...whatever. or say nothing and just see how it goes. Don't get stressed though and I'm certain that you won't need any representation. Also bear in mind that they have no experience at all at this so everyone is learning. ...hope it's helpful. But you can come and see me in my office tomoz if it's a help 😉 xx

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