Entitlement to parental leave

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chocolateworshipper Tue 19-Feb-19 21:03:07

All of the documentation I can find says you can request parental leave if you have been with your employer for a year - but I can't find anything that says whether it needs to have been on a permanent contract or not. I have been there over a year, but some of that time was on a temporary contact. Does anyone know? Many thanks.

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CheekyFuckersDontGetPastMe Tue 19-Feb-19 22:17:52

You need to ask for a copy of your company handbook or family handbook to check their policy.

You would have some protection on a temp contract compared to a casual hours contract so I can’t see why not but I’m no expert.

Do you have a HR dept you can ask?

flowery Wed 20-Feb-19 11:32:21

Doesn’t matter. The criteria is length of service see here, not what type of contract it is. Denying fixed term employees parental leave because of their fixed term status would be unlawful.

chocolateworshipper Wed 20-Feb-19 18:08:47

Thank you both. Yes I can HR, but didn't want to bring it up if it was a definite "no"

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