24 weeks pregnant

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lilypi Wed 13-Feb-19 22:13:52


I'm looking for someone who can give some advice on my circumstances I'm 24 weeks pregnant and am being called into a emergency meeting tomorrow at work for possible redundancies.

I haven't been with the company long just before I fell pregnant. About 30 weeks I know I'm not going to get a redundancy pay out but they are changing the job role title and some responsibilities and making cuts to the old role. I know from 25 weeks they would possibly need to give me smp. I would like to know if the notice period of 1 week or a month would cover me up until I'm 25 weeks.

I am also not sure if it goes the other way and you just don't get anything. Just trying to prepare for what is coming.

Help I'm a bit worried and trying not to stress about it for baby.

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