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Nanny Sick Pay

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Tailfeather Mon 11-Feb-19 22:15:39


When my nanny has been off sick (the odd day here and there) I have always paid her. I run my own business and I'm currently recruiting and have lots of interviews booked in. She's been off sick for a few days and I have had to get emergency cover through an agency which is costing me almost double what I pay my nanny (with agency fees etc).

Should I still pay my nanny? My heart says yes. It's not her fault she's ill! But I don't make much money from my business at the moment, and money is tight, so it is frustrating having to pay so much more.

Boobiliboobiliboo Mon 11-Feb-19 22:16:57

What does her contract say about sick pay?

Todaythiscouldbe Tue 12-Feb-19 17:31:18

Does her contract say she will be paid sick pay?

underneaththeash Wed 13-Feb-19 09:02:13

We had SSP only in our nanny contract and as a general rule didn't pay above that. it completely stopped the odd day off for a cold scenario.

I paid in full occasionally, for example when my nanny had a miscarriage or another caught DS' vomiting bug.

But yes as PP have said, it depends on your contract.

dietcokemegafan Thu 14-Feb-19 20:31:32

Generally SSP only then you can choose to pay in full at your discretion. Too much risk of swinging the lead if you are contractually obliged to pay in full from day 1.

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