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Which benefits would we get

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hlfayers Sun 10-Feb-19 13:19:57

Hello everyone!
I live in a council flat with my 1 year old daughter. I receive income support,child tax,child benefit and housing benefit.
My partner plans on moving in but recently got made redundant.
Because he would be unemployed we are wondering what kind of benefits we would still receive and what I would lose.
Could we claim income support as a couple as I already do or would it be job seekers?

Thank you


CatToddlerUprising Sun 10-Feb-19 13:23:58

If he has made full tax contributions for the past two years he should claim new style JSA to protect his class 1 NI contributions

CatToddlerUprising Sun 10-Feb-19 13:25:56
Use the calculator on here to work out what you’ll be entitled to

zenasfuck Sun 10-Feb-19 13:27:12

In these days of UC his energies would be better spent on finding a new job

Whatififall Sun 10-Feb-19 13:28:14

Depends on if you’re in a universal credit full service area or not.

Entitled to or Turn2Us are good benefit calculator sites to use.

Chocolate50 Sun 10-Feb-19 13:28:35

Depends where you are in the country. Could be universal credit as any new change tends to trigger the new system. But I would check this out.
You should get tax credits if you aren't in a universal credit area as well as the jobseekers. Go to the entitledto site and do a check on what you should get.

hlfayers Sun 10-Feb-19 13:46:51

We are not in a universal credit area so that means we could get tax credits and job seekers?

And would I still get housing benefit because we would both be off work?

Babyroobs Sun 10-Feb-19 18:17:03

All area for new claims are now Uc.

MiniMum97 Sun 10-Feb-19 18:25:26

The whole if the U.K. is now full service for UC. All your benefits except council tax reduction would cease I would get a proper benefit check done so you know exactly where you would be financially. As your child is over 1 you would be expected to look for some work.

You would also need to be much more engaged with your claim. I have seen plenty of claims completely shut down due to not responding quickly enough and this can lead to significant losses in benefits incl help towards rent.

Please don't go onto UC without proper research.

daisychain01 Mon 11-Feb-19 04:32:34

In your situation, I wouldnt contemplate changing your current circumstances for anything, least of all letting someone move in who's only going to make your financial situation more vulnerable to change. Your daughter is the most important person, not your boyfriend.

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