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Food Technology and Certification, help please!

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Salinger26 Sun 10-Feb-19 10:47:37

Hi all,

I am an experienced food engineer and i came to UK from Turkey one year ago. In this process i was looking for jobs but not regularly.
Now i feel ready for it but apparently companies are not ready for me grin I worked in a international company in Turkey for 2 years as a QA engineer ( the company is pladis which produce some uk brands too, like McVities). I have lots of certificates but i guess getting UK based certificate will help me. When i review websites, i see that, generally there are 3 different level for food hygiene certificates. (level 1,2,3)

On the another websites all levels are separated to 3 different certificates, for instance food hygiene 2 for retail, food hygiene 2 for catering and food hygiene 2 for manufacturing.

I am really so confused, should i get it from a website which mentioned certificate in 3 main levels or the other one which mentioned certificate spesifically. I want to work in a factory but if I cant find a job like this I am thinking about sell some homemade things in market stalls so I couldnt decide which certificate is best for me.

Is there any suggestion about this certificate issue or being a food technologist in UK?

Have a nice Sunday!

Soberfutures Sun 10-Feb-19 10:56:29

Most food hygiene places require a level 2. The level 3 is more for supervisors. A company called highfield issue a standard food safety course. Though I think they are changing the name to foundation level.

Most companies will provide this training if you are wanting to work in a factory. Do you want basic production line work? Companies here seem to employ factory staff through agencies. So Google local companies and see who they use.

If you want to sell your own food you will need atleast a level 2 and have your local council assess the place you are making the food. For example your own kitchen. Each council will have rules on selling produce and may ask you to have insurance or other certification.

Hope it works out for you

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