work cut hours since pregnancy announcement

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rosydreams Sat 09-Feb-19 15:33:58

I know i am on a zero hour contract but this just feels so unfair.I used to be on 4 -5 shifts a week then 4-3 .But since i informed them of my pregnancy its gone down to 1-2 shifts a week.I am not sure what to do my other half works full time but its not enough to pay all the bills.

At my place of work you get maternity pay based on the average amount of time you work.So that's basically this is why they are doing this.But as i am on zero hour i know i have no rights.

I just don't know what to do we can barely survive on this ,i cant get a new job easily.I specifically went for a evening job to make sure i never needed to take time off for childcare.Evening work is hard to find plus i don't have enough skills to acquire another job so easily.Plus being halfway through my pregnancy i don't think anywhere else will hire me.Its hard enough settling in a new job with anxiety and having to prove i can keep up.I have cerebral palsy so a bit slower and standing for long hours causes me pain.So i have to prove myself that i am cable of doing the job.

I have so much against me trying to hold down a job any job but what can i do.I feel like i am being pushed out but don't know what to do about it

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flowery Sat 09-Feb-19 20:21:16

”But as i am on zero hour i know i have no rights.”

You do have rights. You have the right not to be treated less favourably because of your pregnancy. Reducing your hours because you are pregnant to avoid paying as much maternity pay is unlawful discrimination.

rosydreams Sun 10-Feb-19 14:17:15

unfortunately because i am on zero hour theres now ay for me to prove that all they have to say is we dont have the hours

its like they are not supposed to discriminate against those with disabilities but if they just don't hire them who's to know.I have been unemployed for years at a time .

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flowery Sun 10-Feb-19 14:21:02

”unfortunately because i am on zero hour theres now ay for me to prove that all they have to say is we dont have the hours”

You don’t have to absolutely prove it. If you were regularly getting 4 shifts and suddenly you’re getting much fewer hours now you’ve announced you’re pregnant, that’s reason to say you think it’s discriminatory. They are then required to prove that it isn’t.

If everyone’s hours have also been cut, and there’s a business reason for that, then it isn’t discrimination. Fine. But if there are about the same number of hours available overall, but you’re just suddenly getting fewer of them, and there’s no other reason for it, that’s discrimination.

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