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Should I cut my losses or is she just disorganised?

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MrsBosh Thu 07-Feb-19 15:22:32

I've applied for a PT job in a very small company. The ad stated that they welcomed 'informal visits'. When I emailed my appliction in I said that I'd like to visit. The named contact (who would be my line manager) replied that day thanking me for my application and we arranged a date/time of 11am the following week for me to visit.

The day came and she emailed me at 07.56 apologising and asking to rearrange as she'd been 'called away'. I replied a few hours later saying that's fine (it was actually quite annoying as I had a babysitter lined up) and with two choices of my availability for the following week. Closing date is tomorrow.

That was six days ago and I have heard nothing. On Monday afternoon I phoned the office but there was no answer. I didn't leave a message but probably should have done.

Do you think that it's possible they have an internal candidate lined up already so the manager thinks it's easier for her if she doesn't meet me as they've already made their decision? Or do you think she's just horribly bad at replying and if so do I want a manager who's not that hot at communicating?

Should I try and contact them one last time or would it be annoying and desperate? The job would be such a good fit for me sad.

SassitudeandSparkle Thu 07-Feb-19 15:31:12

Contact them again, leave a message if you don't speak to someone.

While the manager doesn't sound great, you are completely over-thinking this to an alarming degree. Your application is in which is good.

MrsBosh Thu 07-Feb-19 18:09:00

I am definitely an over-thinker, yes!
Thanks SassitudeandSparkle

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