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Networking! Flyers - Pls help with wording. Many Many Thanks

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MaccaMacca Tue 03-Jul-07 20:56:00

Okay for bookeeping, paye, typing, invoices, quotations, credit control etc etc.

I am looking to work at home for a few local companies and would love some help with the wording for my flyers.

Many thanks.

I know its boring btw but essential

MaccaMacca Tue 03-Jul-07 21:09:40

pretty please

funnypeculiar Tue 03-Jul-07 21:10:36

um, where is it?

MaccaMacca Tue 03-Jul-07 21:18:08

where is what?

Its me.

I would like to do the above except tranfer this information onto a flyer with additional impressive bits if possible

MaccaMacca Tue 03-Jul-07 21:18:56

Oh I have no words yet...this is where you come in... see above for what I want to do

fryalot Tue 03-Jul-07 21:30:29

"BOOKKEEPING.... it's crap, isn't it?

That's why I will DO IT FOR YOU!

I can do all sorts of minor accounts, such as paye, invoices, credit control and I can also do your typing, invoices, letters etc.

ring maccamacca on 555 0055 for more details "

MaccaMacca Fri 06-Jul-07 09:19:09

that might work

Bouquetsofdynomite Fri 06-Jul-07 16:06:19

Adapted from my own virtual admin flyer:

Virtual Bookkeeper
Get the paperwork done without the hassle and costs of employing someone new!

My name is ... and I am a freelance bookkeeper, working from home in .... I have over 5yrs ... experience within various industries, private and public sector....

I charge just £10 per hour (less than an agency would charge you for my services as a temp), am very flexible and do not take up valuable space in your office. I'm a quick learner and enthusiastic with bags of common sense.

These are the things I can do for you from home:

MaccaMacca Fri 06-Jul-07 18:15:33

Now thats very good.

I shall cut and paste right away......

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