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Nursing Levels

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hadabadday Tue 03-Jul-07 15:56:26

Does anyone know anything about the nursing levels and grades etc? for instance if someone was a registered nurse grade e what would that mean? and the levels...Is level 1 lower or is that as high as it gets?

louii Tue 03-Jul-07 16:21:30

When you qualify, you are a D grade staff nurse, if you get promoted you go up to an E-grade, which means you can be in charge of ward.

Dont know bout the levels.

Private companies its different as well, think thats only in the NHS.

lou031205 Tue 03-Jul-07 20:28:06

i think you are talking about one of three things.

The letters used to go low to high, ie. D Grade - H Grade.

Now, we have "Bands" 5-8.

Registered nurse level 1 means State Registered Nurse.

Level 2 was State Enrolled nurse.

nomdeplume Tue 03-Jul-07 20:29:28

All NHS staff are 'Banded', we all have a band which determines our payscale. I think Band 2 is as low as it goes.

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