Colleagues not doing their fair share

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HildegardCrowe Wed 30-Jan-19 20:00:25

I work in the financial sector and am part of an admin team of five. Two of the team aren't pulling their weight and leaving me and the other colleagues to do the lion's share of the work. We have a new manager who throws her weight around and seems to favour my two less hardworking colleagues (they worked together previously).

I'm fed up and stressed because I have to carry them. Our work as a team can be easily audited to see who does what and I've done this and it's proved what I suspected; these two colleagues do a whole lot less than their fair share. I'd like to ask my manager to carry out an audit to gauge how productive the team are. Am I being wise to do this? She might refuse and then what would I do? Just tell her I'd done it myself and present her with the evidence? I can't carry on without doing something about the situation and this seems like the most sensible option.

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