Teacher training or teaching assistant at 47

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NorthernGirl9 Sun 27-Jan-19 15:16:55

Hi - first post for me. No children but possibly adoption in future after several unsuccessful IVF's. I am interested in either training to become a teacher or a teaching assistant. I have a degree so would need to do a 1 year PGCE or a teaching assistant course in sep 2019.

I only want to work part time in the future (0.5) in either case. I have some schools experience as I deliver art workshops in a self employed capacity to schools and community groups ( I want to keep this up.) I am really interested in working with children that struggle in school, have additional needs or who find education difficult. I am passionate about helping children have opportunities to learn. I am slightly worried that at 47 I will struggle energy wise with becoming a teacher. Almost everyone I speak to thinks I will find it very stressful working as a primary school teacher and that I am mad to consider it!! I am wondering if any teachers can advise ? If I worked in a 0.5 post - firstly are there many of these jobs available and also will I find myself still working almost full time anyway ? A teaching assistant sounds like a slightly less stressful job - but I am also told schools are not recruiting as many T.A.'s and that this job is not very secure. I do need to find a secure job. I live in a big city and I always see T.A jobs advertised so really unsure what the situation is. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Chingling Sun 27-Jan-19 19:47:19

TA salaries vary from minimum wage to about £26k - there is no national standardisation.

It is a vanishing role. Doing either job at 0.5 will be hard at the start.

If you do a PGCE it will be full time and you will really need to do your NQT year full time.

What about looking at doing ITT through a special school?

Holidayshopping Sun 27-Jan-19 19:52:11

I wouldn’t say being a TA is a stable job and not really a profession as you can’t go anywhere with it. We made lots of cuts recently and hardly have any TAs left due to funding cuts anyway.

Teaching in primary is fairly hideous as well at the moment! Excessive paperwork and workload and you’re only ever as good as your last observation.

0.5 jobs are available but are often given to full time teachers wanting to move to part time rather than ever being advertised.

I would run far from education at the moment and choose a different path!

NorthernGirl9 Sun 27-Jan-19 20:12:22

Thank you both for your advice. I was concerned that TA jobs are becoming scarce and it sounds as if they are. I wouldn’t want to spend money on a course and training only to find it nearly impossible to find a job. Chingling - I would like to work in a special school. Do you mean train to be a teacher through a school direct placement rather that via a University traditional PGCE ?

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Chingling Sun 27-Jan-19 21:50:14

Do you mean train to be a teacher through a school direct placement rather that via a University traditional PGCE ?

Yes. A lot of ITT is now provided through teaching school alliances or schools. You can get a paid route or an unpaid route.


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