If you have longevity in a stressful role, how?

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EvaHarknessRose Tue 15-Jan-19 21:07:45

After looking around at other options, I realise my job probably has more ticks against it that most, but I have had stress issues recently.

I’m good at prioritising, leaving work worries at the office, keeping on top of things as far as practicable. Setting limits and saying no. I’m not convinced a move within mental health/social care would solve the stress problem.

But my role is an emotionally intensive one (working with people in poor mental health and often challenging social situations) and severely impacted by funding/reductions in other services/ pressures/retention and recruitment issues. Its got worse recently. Its not uncommon to notice people have been crying at work. Sickness is high.

Ideally I’d like to stay at least two more years, but don’t want to do so on my knees emotionally.

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daisychain01 Wed 16-Jan-19 06:52:58

Eva you sound like you're doing an amazing job, within a sector that is immensely challenging. You are already doing all the right things, especially being able to switch off, not through lack of caring but to enable you to keep going. I honestly can't think of anything you should be doing because you have things in hand.

If you have work colleagues you trust and get on well with as a tightly knit community at work, then that's also a big battle won, you can lean on each other and gain moral support when you're having a tough day. Sounds like most days are tough.

EvaHarknessRose Fri 18-Jan-19 08:00:41

Daisy what a nice post, sorry I missed this yesterday. Actually I took a colleague for coffee yesterday and we managed to keep it supportive and not too negative. It was sad but reassuring to hear how it has been for other people. Weirdly, having been sure I would leave this year, I feel quite attached to the job at the moment. (Hoping this isn't because it's like an abusive relationship).

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