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**Teachers** what is the going rate for a KS2 tutor working privately?

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NineUnlikelyTales Fri 29-Jun-07 20:11:15

My DH has a girl in his class who is leaving the school at the end of the year and moving to a different school a few miles away (due to our bizare local education system). Her mum wants to hire a tutor for her as she is weaker in maths than in other areas. My DH will be that tutor - the head teacher has sanctioned so all is well there.

We were wondering how much teachers normally earn in such circumstances? DH would travel to the girl's home and work for maybe 2 hours a week with her.

Thanks very much for your help

wheresthehamster Fri 29-Jun-07 20:14:24

Last year we paid £18 per hour for maths at the tutor's house. E.Herts area.

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