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Job applications requiring a statement rather than a CV

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chocolatekimmy Thu 28-Jun-07 13:59:54

Some organisations (usually public sector it appears) ask for a statement detailing reasons why you are applying and for you to demonstrate how your skills and experience meet the requirements of the job.

Are there any HR professionals who use this method and if so, do you have any tips on how to stand out, how you measure it, what you look for etc. I have done a statement before covering all essential criteria and desired behaviors (from the job/person spec) and not even been short listed.

Personally I think a CV is better but they always say DO NOT enclose CV

ViciousSquirrelSpotter Thu 28-Jun-07 14:01:48

They are tiresome and time wasting.

But I thought the whole point of them was for equal opportunities? so if you fulfill teh essential criteria they are supposed to interview you?

chocolatekimmy Thu 28-Jun-07 16:48:21

Thats kind of what I thought!

chocolatekimmy Thu 28-Jun-07 20:43:31

bump - if you don't mind!

beansprout Thu 28-Jun-07 20:46:16

I have always worked in the public and voluntary sectors and this is the approach that is used.

You need to take the person spec and, point by point, explain and demonstrate how you meet the criteria. They have stated the skils and experience you need the candidates to have and that's what they are looking for. The guidance notes will usually explain this.

chocolatekimmy Thu 28-Jun-07 20:59:15


Thats what I have done in the past but dont' you think that is a bit obvious. Surely anyone (even without the experience) can extract the information like that and make it sound like they match (maybe I just haven't got the hang of it).

I know you can adapt a CV to suit a role but I'm still not convinced.

beansprout Thu 28-Jun-07 21:03:29

Well, you can lie on a CV too!!

It's not supposed to be rocket science. It's a transparent system, with equal opps in mind. Employer says, "these are the skills we need for the role. Have you got them?" It's not about where you have worked, for how long etc etc, just if you are able to do the job. You have to evidence what you are saying, not just say, "yes, I can do this", but actually give examples of you doing it. Citing transferable skills is ok too.

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