How far would you commute for a job 2 days a week?

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Knowivedonewrong Thu 03-Jan-19 17:06:39

I've go the opportunity of a part time job, two days a week, 9 to 5.
The job is 30 miles away, so a 30 minute journey or more depending on traffic.

It's a job I'd like to do. I'm just worrying that it's too far for just two days a week.

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whatsnewchoochoo Thu 03-Jan-19 17:07:40

I don't see why less days makes any difference to the commute time? 30 mins seems fine to me but I've commuted 4 hours a day before so ...

Orangedaisy Thu 03-Jan-19 17:07:42

Definitely not too far. Crazy to expect less of a commute imo.

BikeRunSki Thu 03-Jan-19 17:09:28

Half an hour to maubevsn hour in bad traffic? Sounds fine. Not a bad journey on 4 days a week for me!

If you’d like to do the job, thus shouldn’t be a reason not to.

potatoscone Thu 03-Jan-19 17:09:37

That wouldn’t worry me at all. If it was a long commute x 5 days I would maybe be more reluctant. But a short journey twice a week? Nothing really.

EmmaC78 Thu 03-Jan-19 17:12:15

30 minutes is really nothing and perfectly manageable for 2 days a week. I am 50 minutes 5 days a week and even that is fine.

YahBasic Thu 03-Jan-19 17:15:04

30 mins is a really good commute, I’d happily do that.

MakeLemonade Thu 03-Jan-19 17:16:48

30 min commute sounds dreamy! Mine is an hour and I work two days per week (although I don’t think the days per week matter, or if they do, only in the opposite to you’re asking - easier to do a long commute if only for two days!).

Oly5 Thu 03-Jan-19 17:20:07

Of course 30 mins is fine!

Knowivedonewrong Thu 03-Jan-19 17:31:14

Thanks for the replies. I will see what happens next week at interview. 😀

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greendale17 Thu 03-Jan-19 17:32:50

Not far at all. Go for it.

UserMe18 Thu 03-Jan-19 17:36:43

I'd commute 1.5-2 hours for the right job if only working 2 days a week, depends on salary as well of course. But I'd do that commute full time, it's not particularly onerous, I've done more full time.

ImogenTubbs Thu 03-Jan-19 17:38:00

I commuted four hours a day five days a week for a while. Now THAT'S a bit much. An hour, twice a week is nothing as long as you can manage childcare.

ginyogarepeat Thu 03-Jan-19 17:38:44

I do more of a commute for 2 or 3 days a week! Bothers me less as I can tolerate it more easily when it's only for a few days as opposed to a week of it!

Oblomov18 Thu 03-Jan-19 17:42:09

Really good commute compared to most people. For 2 days? Would definitely do it.

FrazzyAndFrumpled Thu 03-Jan-19 17:44:58

hmm honestly, they commute is literally nothing.

Good luck with the interview.

SuziQ10 Thu 03-Jan-19 17:53:40

That's deffo not too far. 30-45 mins commute is very reasonable.

It's not easy to get decent part time work, personally I'd jump at this (if the job was interesting to me).

Aaaahfuck Thu 03-Jan-19 17:56:35

I'd be more likely to commute further for a part time job just 2 days a week than for 5 days a week . Your only having to do it 2days a week it's not like it's going to have a big impact on your life. Also 30 min is not far at all.

dontneedthedrama Thu 03-Jan-19 18:01:37

Are you sure it's 30 minutes drive though ? I remember when I was looking for a new job and was told about certain jobs I was told it's only 25 min from you and I'd be like not in rush hour .

EBearhug Fri 04-Jan-19 23:52:31

My commute is just under 30 minutes for about 15 miles - but if I have to be in for 9am (usually I can be later), it can be nearer an hour. An hour each way is fine. If it were just twice a week, then maybe 90 minutes to two hours each way would seem feasible, though when I had a long daily commute through distance, the fuel costs started feeling painful - I would have to fill up twice a week, now it's about once a fortnight, if my only travel is to and from work.

I find a 30 minute commute is a good time - about right for switching between work and home minds.

LooksLikeImStuckHere Fri 04-Jan-19 23:55:38

My commute is 40-50 minutes for an 18 mile commute. DH commutes exactly the same distance but it takes him 20 ish on a standard day so if you’re sure it’s 30 mins for 30 miles door to door then it’s perfectly doable!

daisychain01 Sat 05-Jan-19 06:29:30

If the distance is 30 miles, I doubt you'd be able to cover it in 30 mins in rush hour if you say "traffic permitting"! More like 50-70 mins

I have to leave by 615am latest to cover 21 miles to work in 35 mins and that's motorway and rural B roads. Going home it can take me well over an hour.

Spagyetti Tue 08-Jan-19 17:46:21

30 MINUTES??? Are you serious? I know people who have commuted 6/7 hours a day. Honestly OP, 30 mins is nothing.

dimsum123 Thu 10-Jan-19 19:13:33

My commute is around 12 minutes for 4 miles. I work part time although it's 5 days a week 10-2.

I personally wouldn't mind a slightly longer commute if I was doing only 2 days a week.

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