Sectors that are lucrative for graduates right now?

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labradoodles Mon 31-Dec-18 13:56:37

I have a Dd about to go to university to study an arts degree. She’ll either go to LSE or to Oxford (if she gets the place-gap year)

She’s looked into doing a law conversion and knows that is a viable option if she gets a 2.1 or above and is on the ball.

Problem is that she isn’t hugely fussed on living in London after graduation, or if she does then to have the flexibility to leave and work in the north or west. Most well paid law jobs seem to be in the city.

Are there any sectors that are lucrative for graduates at the moment, and can provide careers rather than crash and burn?

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ShalomJackie Tue 01-Jan-19 13:36:03

If she goes to one of the big regional firms outside of London to practice law it can be very lucrative still.

Alternatively she might want to look at Consulting.

OldPosterNewUsername Wed 09-Jan-19 05:35:00

If your DD wants a career in the legal profession then why is she studying an Arts degree for her first degree?

I only ask because even though the conversion course is a perfectly acceptable way to get into the legal profession, she will learn so much more studying a three year UG law degree than she will just doing the one year PG conversion.

Alarae Wed 09-Jan-19 20:42:42

Unless she is extremely focused on getting into law I wouldn't set your heart on it. It needs thorough prep to secure a training contract and isn't just a case of passing the GDL. Competition is fierce.

If you want a bog standard career, accountancy is one of them. I wouldn't personally recommend audit/assurance due to the lack of work life balance for most of the top tier, but tax or other consulting lines (bar M&A) tends to me normal hours.

Pay isn't masses, but its decent. You can get to 40k on qualification (three years) if not more. Then a larger increase to move to industry.

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