Should I extend my fixed term contract??

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mehimthem Sun 16-Dec-18 05:24:34

This is sounding a bit rhetorical because only me can answer it, but I'm interested in hearing others opinions to help me make my choice.
I work in a finance/accountancy job & recently started a new role for a fixed term. The job is fulltime & also about 3/4 of an hour drive from our home, both changes to my previous employments but I thgt I could manage for 6mths or so. I know this will sound spoiled too to those with much longer commutes. 😏
I will be travelling overseas after this, so the term suits me too, but we were both in agreement that we could/might negotiate a further agreement/term on my return to my home country mid 2019.
Its still some time away, but I am feeling a bit hesitant about a longer period working there, primarily as I am just so very tired. Long days, - or is it just this time of year.
A really small team, so quite isolating for support or training knowledge with new client work, ie, just get on with this, here it is etc. Its a new job & i understand that employers are different to each other, but for eg, there are no budgets set for jobs, but then told I'm costing the boss too much.
But then a job is a job isnt it? Or, AIBU to quit & look for other work closer to home? Thanks

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Nettletheelf Sun 16-Dec-18 05:51:11

I’m a bit confused.

You just started this job, and you imply that it is a six month fixed term contract.

The title of your post references ‘extending’ the contract, presumably past the six month term, but at the end of the post you talk about quitting the job.

Assuming that you are looking for advice on whether to quit or not:

The first week in any new job is horrendous and if you haven’t worked in a while, getting back into the routine can be knackering. So I wouldn’t quit over tiredness. Everyone is tired at this time of year anyway, as you note in your post.

What is more concerning is the stuff about you ‘costing the boss to much’. What’s that about? Do they mean salary (in which case, tough, they offered it so they have to pay you) or unbillable work, if you are in practice? If the latter, you need to ask your line manager to set out clear expectations and be honest with yourself about whether your skills are up to scratch.

Good luck, from one accountant to another.

mehimthem Sun 16-Dec-18 06:14:31

hi again, sorry to clarify - I have worked there now for about 6 weeks (into a 6mth fixed term contract) My boss has suggested that at the end of this current FT, it may be extended for another similar term. So I guess, we both have options. I understand from an overheard conversations in the office though that they will be in a bother mid next year (when Im not there) with less staff, but I heard them say then that it will only be short term so do they fill the (my ??) spot or not. My question before/above was because i am in a bit of a bother of should I tell them soon that I will not extend the contract beyond this one, , lol or not. Feeling the guilts Maybe in the new year after a few days/week or so off work I may feel differently

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Mayrhofen Sun 16-Dec-18 06:17:56

Can you get a better job nearer home? Do you need to do this job financially?

Therein lies your answer.

mehimthem Sun 16-Dec-18 06:25:39

in previous experiences, jobs are costed, with a budget determined, so both boss & processor are aware of the time & money cost for a job to be completed. But, I get frequent comments about how the job is costing more than it should/has before etc, but as I mentioned there is limited info or background on what the job involves.
I think my skills are suitable for the job, I am qualified, & I guess its a bit of a transition too to new processes so am trying to be very focused (not distracted).
I am sort of coming to a conclusion to my initial query writing all of this, so serving its purpose I guess smile

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daisychain01 Sun 16-Dec-18 07:05:10

I would not stay in a job where they're concerned about it costing them too much employing me. They know what your rate is, for the 6 month fixed term contact so them winging about having to pay you to do your job is a bit rich!

Don't burn your bridges but if I were you, I'd get something closer to home and if you get a firm offer even if it's before the end of the contract get out. They don't sound like a good employer.

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