Should I increase my Hours?

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PeachyPanda Fri 14-Dec-18 11:52:35

I've been approached by another employer who would like me to work for them, though I would have to go through the normal processes of applying and interviews etc so it's not guaranteed. Currently I work term time and have 3 DCs aged 15, 12 and 10. The new job is not term time and they want me to come in and 'fix' things so I know it will not currently be the nice environment I work in now, where I put every thing in place from start up, have good staff, and procedures all in place and which I have built up to be award winning. (there are of course things about my current job which are not great too.)

The new job is paying a lot more money though, around £7-9K more than I am on currently.

Whilst money isn't everything we have been really struggling financially for a number of years now. My car is on it's last legs and we run out of money every month, I struggle to buy any clothes or do any nice things with the children.

I'm torn between earning more money which would significantly help, and being with my children in school holidays and having that time to give them my time and attention. Juggling care isn't very appealing either I'm not sure what I would do there.

Just to complicate things I am seriously contemplating ending my marriage (though can't afford to) and not sure which would be the best option after that.

Jobs offering this kind of salary in my field don't come along often, I know, I've been keeping an eye out for months! Before being approached I have twice asked my current employers for a pay review but have had no response at all and I doubt they could match the new salary.
Any advice gratefully received!

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Lazypuppy Fri 14-Dec-18 13:24:37

Surely its only chilcare for 10yo until secondary school then they get themselves to and from etc?

I would take it as thats a good salary increase

PeachyPanda Fri 14-Dec-18 13:42:07

The potential new employers have just rung me again, I must admit I am very tempted! It's more school holidays really, and after school care, my youngest already goes to before school care and says she wishes she didn't have to go, I know other people manage but I haven't had to before!

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DragonMamma Fri 14-Dec-18 13:48:00

I’d take the job. The 10 year old won’t be in breakfast club and after school forever and like you said, most kids have to suck it up. I think you’ve had it lucky to be term time but it sounds as though you can’t comfortably afford this luxury anymore.

Also, if you are thinking of ending your marriage then you need to be in the best financial position possible. Don’t be trapped in a marriage due to finances when there’s a possible way out.

Fairylightfurore Fri 14-Dec-18 13:57:33

Just for comparison, if you were not term time in your current role how much extra would you be on? I say this just so your not blinded by the extra 7-9k, I work part time and term time (I know you haven't said that you are part time as well) and my full time salary is approx £15k a year more than I get pro rat'd. My point is check your numbers before making a decision as it may not be that good a deal especially for the extra stress.

DocusDiplo Fri 14-Dec-18 14:01:44

New job! More money! New challenges! Your kids will be busy with their friendly mostly soon anyway.
More money wil buy you more options for childcare. Congrats either way for being awesome smile
Juggling summser hols isnt great.. but what can you do..

HolyandWild Fri 14-Dec-18 14:03:15

I was in a position to make some big changes but similarly for me it meant moving from a school hours only job to shift work. I did make the change and found that I just had to take the chance and go for it without overthinking everything. It has worked out with a bit of extra effort in planning and the odd stressful moment. I sat down with DS and explained to him why I wanted to change things ( more money to do some nice things, wanting to have a better job etc) and how it would be different for him and asked him to help me. He has been a little star in accepting some changes with childcare. I think if you don't take the opportunity you might regret it, especially if you are short of money and your marriage is at risk. Kids have a way of growing up and wanting to do their own things anyway - Don't be left stuck wishing you had taken a good opportunity 😊

lubeybooby Fri 14-Dec-18 14:04:06

I'd stay put. 7-9k is nowhere near enough to upset the sweet term time only applecart

if it was 20k then yes

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