Would you expect this to be a disciplinary issue?

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Bestseller Tue 11-Dec-18 19:10:22

An ex staff member posts a very unprofessional derogatory comment on social media regarding his old employer.

He's now employed by another organisation in the same industry with no direct links but some very occasional collaborative work.Staff member has not been involved in that work. The post was made in his own name with no reference to new employer.

Is this a disciplinary matter for the new employer?

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JaiNotJay Tue 11-Dec-18 19:13:30

It depends on their social media policy. It's a pretty stupid thing to do, but it doesn't sound like an automatic disciplinary matter from what you've said.

ShalomJackie Tue 11-Dec-18 19:15:10


Bestseller Tue 11-Dec-18 19:36:18

Thank you. I agree stupid, but not disciplinary. The "victim" has made a complaint and is expecting action

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ShalomJackie Tue 11-Dec-18 19:44:01

I would suggest to the poster on the basis the two firms do collaborative work from time to time it might be prudent to remove the post so as to not sour relations. If he does I woild tell the victim the offending post has been removed.

Heratnumber7 Tue 11-Dec-18 19:50:15

It could potentially bring the current employer into disrepute, so may be considered to be a disciplinary issue, yes.

My employer sacked someone for getting into a fight one Friday night.

MaisyPops Tue 11-Dec-18 19:52:08

If the comment could be considered to bring his new company into disrepute then it's not professional and could be an issue.

I never understand people bitching about work on social media.

flowery Tue 11-Dec-18 20:29:08

Depends on their social media policy, but ”a very unprofessional derogatory comment on social media” about a company his employer sometimes collaborates with could certainly be a disciplinary issue, yes.

Alfie190 Wed 12-Dec-18 04:30:24

The "victim" has made a complaint and is expecting action

I don't understand, who is the "victim" in this scenario?

Generally it is a pretty bad idea to make derogatory comments about an employer.

notdaddycool Wed 12-Dec-18 04:41:52

You may have a case if it was posted during working hours or using a device paid for by work, but if not it was probably stupid rather than disciplinary.

AgentProvocateur Wed 12-Dec-18 06:08:02

You’d need to check out the new company’s social media policy, but there’s probably a clause about not posting derogatory or offensive comments, so yes - very possibly a disciplinary.

Bestseller Wed 12-Dec-18 07:49:09

The victim is a senior member of staff at the old employer.

Ah that's a point, it probably was done on a work device during work time, although social media activity is encouraged as part of the role for PR purposes

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PaintBySticker Wed 12-Dec-18 07:52:20

“I never understand people bitching about work on social media.”

I don’t either. Have people got no filter. This is very poor judgement by the person who posted the comment, if nothing else.

Satsumaeater Wed 12-Dec-18 10:14:45

Is the comment true? If so, while unprofessional I don't think you can expect the new employer to take action. I am not sure you should lose your job for stupidity. But I really don't know why people post so much on social media. The old mantra that you don't put anything on social media that you wouldn't want your granny to read holds true I think.

If the comment is untrue the current employer might at least want to get involved especially if the two companies collaborate.

In my job a former member of staff had not long joined when their previous employer phoned up my then boss and said they had been using the company account for personal taxis. My employer sacked the person concerned, although that was more because he lied about it.

Bestseller Wed 12-Dec-18 10:59:44

It's a subjective remark about their appearance

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flowery Wed 12-Dec-18 11:20:07

So he’s made personal derogatory comments about a senior member of staff in an organisation his employer collaborates with? Yes I’d say that could easily be a disciplinary offence, as it could damage the relationship with that organisation and the reputation of his employer.

I also think in these circumstances people should almost be disciplined for their own sheer stupidity. I mean, engage brain!

Bestseller Wed 12-Dec-18 19:32:10

Yes, it was posted very late at night so I have to assume he'd been drinking. I know he had an unhappy time working there but even so! He's apologised and that seems to be enough. Conduct at work has been very professional.

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