can you go back after settlement agreement

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bettybaubles Tue 11-Dec-18 17:37:56

ten years ago I worked for a company that had a very bad culture, worked there for six months then was bullied, badly. negotiated a settlement agreement then moved on. my career has been quite strong since. I've been approached about a new job which on paper looks fantastic. the problem is, its at the first place. although not quite. the place was bought out by a much bigger firm (15,000 staff), so the job is at the new company. Would be a different office but still affiliated. Ive heard all good things about culture etc. A few people I used to work with, still work there (in the other office).

Question is - could I apply, would I have a chance or would be on some kind of blacklist? Honestly? Thanks

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daisychain01 Tue 11-Dec-18 18:49:51

If it was 10 years ago and the company's configuration has changed, your HR record may have been archived and visibility lost.

I'd apply, what's the harm? They can only say no, but if your skills are what they need you could get picked for interview.

bettybaubles Tue 11-Dec-18 19:03:14

Thanks for the reply. If is still there,is there any chance it would be overlooked? Am guess ingenuity they would just say not thanks rather than say reason why...

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bettybaubles Tue 11-Dec-18 19:03:51

Guessing not ingenuity!

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Alfie190 Wed 12-Dec-18 04:26:51

The worst that can happen is that they don't interview you?

Satsumaeater Wed 12-Dec-18 14:14:47

I'm in a similar situation actually - I left a job about 6 years ago with a settlement and a few months later they were taken over.

I often see jobs advertised at the larger entity and would be interested in principle - probably not so much now as the location doesn't suit (although that would depend on flexible working etc) but lots of the old staff are still there including the boss I worked for so I am guessing that all they would do is call her, ask her what I was like and put me on the reject list. Even after 10 years you might find the same applied to you, unless you "lost" it from your CV but that's probably not recommended. I was there for 4 years so absolutely can't leave it off my CV.

But you've got nothing to lose - send in the application and see what happens. As pp said,worst case scenario is no interview.

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