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Working for the NHS (flexi time)

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Snakepit Sun 24-Jun-07 14:37:45

Does anyone know the ins and outs of the flexi time rules that the NHS have? does it apply to all NHS jobs?

I'm about to apply for an admin job (band 2) and it says it's 18 hours a week, since the job starts in the summer holidays it would be great for me if I could do all my hours within 2 days or so and spend the rest of the week with my kids, does anyone know if this is possible?

For instance work 9am - 6pm two days a week and make my hours up like that?

Idreamofdaleks Sun 24-Jun-07 14:40:54

The hours will always be to suit the service - working the hours you want to do may be possible if your manager agrees and if it suits the service.

filtered Sun 24-Jun-07 14:56:10

i think it depends what the core hours are ie if the clin ic finishes at 4 and answering the phones is a role then you wont be able to work till 6. And at my place they are v strict due to H&S on lunch breaks etc so unlikely you'll be able to do your hours in 2 days at 9-6. - sorry

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