Is it normal to query whether you've taken the right job or should have waited longer?

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PrincessDando Thu 06-Dec-18 09:20:16

I took a new role in September that turned out to be totally unsuitable, and decided to resign as it was very difficult to take time out for interviews and meeting with agencies whilst new in role.

I was also very keen to get a job which was a step up the ladder, as part of what I had been unhappy about was that I felt I had outgrown the level I was on, yet I did not really have enough experience for the next level so I was kind of inbetween levels and kept getting knocked back for lack of expeience.

As the main breadwinner of the family I was keen to find something relatively quickly and managed to secure something which is a step up and will give me a lot of progression. The salary whilst sufficient isn't great but will hopefully raise my earning potential for the future. To be honest I don't think I could have got much more pay with my lack of experience at this time.

I'm grateful and excited to be starting my new role but I keep questioning whether I'd have got something better/ticked more boxes if I'd stayed on the market longer. I did interview for another role which was more suitable but lost out to another candidate. Since I was offered this role, I've seen two roles come on to the market that would have been more suitable for me in terms of industry sector, I've no intention of applying for them but it's just sods law that they came on after I was offered -whilst I was on the market (about 6 weeks) only one of these roles came on, which was the one I lost out narrowly on.

I really wanted this job, and I do still want it... but I do keep thinking 'what if I'd waited'... no guarantee I'd have got the other jobs though particularly as I lack experience at this level. Its such a minefield being on the job market, how are you supposed to know whether to take a job or wait it out? And I didn't have a lot of time to wait due to being out of work.

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EBearhug Thu 06-Dec-18 18:42:06

how are you supposed to know whether to take a job or wait it out?

You don't. It's a gamble. There are posts here about, "I accepted job 1, but now I've been offered job 2. What should I do?"

I would say if a job comes up which you are really keen on, then go for it anyway. You don't have a dilemma until you have a second job offer. An interview could show the job isn't as good as it sounded on paper. Or you don't get offered it, but get useful feedback, so you can focus in gaining that experience in the job you do have.

It works both ways - not all candidates live up to their promise once they start working, either.

PrincessDando Fri 07-Dec-18 16:51:05

I think having taken wrong job number one back in August, I'd need a really good reason to bale on this job as it would make me look like a job hopper on my CV so I'm not planning on going for anything else, but I guess I'm just a bit freaked out by how 'sliding doors' it can be in this situation.

You really feel like you're in the hands of fate... eg the role I came 2nd for, what if the first choice candidate hadn't been available or had flopped on the day etc?

This job I feel will really progress my career so I think I will try to just think of it as a good opportunity for the next couple of years at least... after that time if I want to change sector or whatever (I work in HR) I will have more senior experience which has been the stumbling block to getting what I really want previously.

I guess I'm thinking that there's one perfect job out there that I have missed out on, when in reality there may be no such thing and there is always a compromise.

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