Good idea to for admin staff to share open plan office with PG students..?

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mammasmadhouse Fri 30-Nov-18 19:05:11

What are your thoughts..??

I have concerns about maintaining confidentiality, particularly when working with coursework/exam results/student issues/management problems etc

Plus it feels slightly awkward particularly as they also need their own space to work & build relationships with their peers

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TrippingTheVelvet Fri 30-Nov-18 19:33:59

Are there no meeting rooms available for confidential conversations?

mammasmadhouse Fri 30-Nov-18 20:00:25

Meeting room space is always at capacity and I am just not sure that this is acceptable

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TrippingTheVelvet Fri 30-Nov-18 20:16:46

If space is at a premium there might not be much that they can do. Can you think of an alternative?

stressedoutpa Fri 30-Nov-18 22:09:06

No, not really.

titchy Fri 30-Nov-18 22:11:56

Clarify PG students. PGRs are often teaching and thus aware of UG student issues anyway. Can't think of any other group of students that have their own space...

Boyskeepswinging Fri 30-Nov-18 22:13:33

No. For all the reasons you state. Sounds like some suit who never actually interacts with staff or students has come up with another money saving idea. Oh dear ...

TrippingTheVelvet Fri 30-Nov-18 22:34:46

Stressed are you the OP?

NicoAndTheNiners Fri 30-Nov-18 22:47:58

Well uni admin staff often know loads about student issues, results, etc. I'm sure they deal with stuff they have to keep confidential all the time.

Obviously if an UG student wanted to come and talk to the PG student about something in confidence then you'd have to find a suitable space. But that's no different than for the majority of lecturers who share offices, sometimes a student will want to talk to one lecturer without the other lecturers knowing.

stressedoutpa Sat 01-Dec-18 10:07:46

How can I be the Op?

stressedoutpa Sat 01-Dec-18 10:09:30

I just don't get all this shared workspace/hot desking stuff. Management have all these grand ideas for saving money but if they actually listened to their staff they will probably find the whole thing makes people miserable. No wonder everyone wants to work from home.

TrippingTheVelvet Sat 01-Dec-18 10:28:30

Poor timing Stressed smile. I thought you were answering my question that no, you couldn't think of an alternative. Long weekitis here!

stressedoutpa Sat 01-Dec-18 11:35:57


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