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fikel Thu 29-Nov-18 13:14:53

Recently I have been told by my manager that she would be changing my working pattern. I asked for an informal meeting, which was ignored I then contacted ACAS and the equality commission who have advised me on my rights. I contacted them again explaining that I had to do this and was hoping they would have agreed to have a chat with me. They finally got back saying they would but no date has been put in place. That’s the basic back story.
Last night I went to work to be told that there is Xs retirement meal on Monday. I haven’t been told, we are a very small team, due to nature of the job and a recruitment crisis. My manager and deputy is going, the lady who is retiring and another member of staff. I was informed by a service user, as they are also going and will be paying. The service user said they want me there and got upset when I said I hadn’t been told.
When the lady who retired (after being on sick) the manager had said some time ago, to the service user, when X is better we will all go out for a meal. I was included at this point, as the service user, discussed it with me, telling me the list of people going.
The lady who has retired spoke to a colleague, who happens to be my best friend, last night and mentioned this meal and perhaps it’s best that I don’t go due to the issues with my manager!!
This means there has also been a breach of confidentiality.
I feel v cross and feel they’re behaving like bullies.
What would peeps do in this situation? Tia

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RC1234 Thu 29-Nov-18 21:57:32

Honestly - I would start looking for another job.

Asking for a meeting regarding changes to working hours is quite a reasonable thing to ask for. It is not really about the meal, it is about the managers behaviour and their lack of discretion. Would any of the parties actually be in a position to clarify what these 'issues' are to you?

Polarbearflavour Fri 30-Nov-18 09:19:19

Why is a service user (patient?) going to the meal? Overstepping boundaries!

fikel Fri 30-Nov-18 11:46:30

The meeting should hopefully happen next week. It’s a lunch time meal and the service users do want to go, they will have been given the choice. Not me though

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PersianCatLady Thu 20-Dec-18 22:48:05

I don't understand this thread.

The other people who you work with are going out for a meal on Monday night, one of your patients is also going and you aren't invited????

The only weird thing here is that a patient is going to the meal and they are paying.

It is unkind that you haven't been invited but people are allowed to go out and make plans for activities that don't involve you.

swingofthings Fri 21-Dec-18 07:19:14

A service user paying for a meal for staff is highly likely to be against the policy of the organisation. I would be relieved to have been left out as for all you know, you might end up the only standing staff left after they are disciplined!

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