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Bestseller Wed 28-Nov-18 19:34:59

DS has submitted an application for an apprenticeship. It's widely regarded as the best firm for apprenticeships locally and he spent days on the application.

However, the website is a bit rubbish. There was no facility to save for later, so it had to be completed all in one go (he answered the questions in word to copy and paste when ready to submit).

Once he pressed submit, his application was gone. There's no facility to log back in and check it went and no confirmation appeared on the screen, it just returned to the vacancy page.

There was no automated email confirmation.

So, should he call/email to make sure they've revived it?

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MissMalice Wed 28-Nov-18 19:36:16

Yes - my husband applied for a job last month, no acknowledgment. They hadn’t actually received it. Good job he chased it as they then offered him an interview.

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