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daisyintheclouds Wed 28-Nov-18 17:09:51

I’ve just received feedback from a G7 civil service interview. They say that there were more candidates that were appointable that roles available and I’ve been placed on the reserve list for 12 months.

I’m used to just being told that I’ve been unsuccessful if not offered the job, so I’m a bit unsure what to take from this message. I’ll keep ploughing on with job applications as I know there are no guarantees that I’ll be offered something in the future. But i wondered if you knew of people to be offered posts who have been in this situation?

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LadyLapsang Wed 28-Nov-18 23:28:03


breadwidow Wed 28-Nov-18 23:32:38

Yes as well, got promoted to G7 from the 'merit list'. Are you applying from outside govt? It's quite normal to create a merit list in my department from campaigns as there are always vacancies coming up and recruitment takes ages. I took an SEO from a merit list

GrimDamnFanjo Wed 28-Nov-18 23:38:33

If it means you got the grade but not the job then you can apply for any G7 post for the next 12 months? Is it the pool?

daisyintheclouds Thu 29-Nov-18 08:59:20

Thanks everyone, yes I’m an external candidate. Good to hear there’s a chance of hearing back further down the line and it’s given me the confidence to apply for other G7 roles knowing I’ve met the required standard.
The email ends with a paragraph saying that HR will start the security clearance process. Do you know if I’ll need to let my current employer know to fill in the forms? I’d prefer they only be told if I’m offered a job.

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Polarbearflavour Thu 29-Nov-18 16:34:46

Yes! I was on a reserve list, the candidate given the job dropped out and a month later I have a provisional offer whilst they do security clearance.

Ethel80 Thu 29-Nov-18 16:56:25

I know lots of people who have got promotions from civil service reserve lists. It's not a guarantee and doesn't mean you should stop looking but you stand a good chance.

breadwidow Sun 02-Dec-18 20:56:29

I don't think You don't need to tell your employer about the security clearance. For basic & the one level higher of clearance they do not check employment refs, just that you don't have a criminal record really. If the job needs higher level clearance then they might but I'm not certain as I only have one above basic, known as counterterrorism clearance. When I first joined govt I didn't resign from my old job until my clearance and through though I was not on a reserve list

daisychain01 Mon 03-Dec-18 11:45:59

Your current employer wouldnt be contacted until the decision to give you a tangible offer of employment is made by CS.

daisyintheclouds Tue 04-Dec-18 08:41:53

Thanks for all your advice. Glad to hear my employee won’t be contacted.
I presume the reserve list just relates to the department I applied to rather than across the civil service? I’m applying to a couple of other roles in the same dept but have just seen a role that interests me in a different department.

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Marvellousmrsmadhouse999 Sun 10-Feb-19 08:47:08

Sorry to bother you. Just wondered if you could help me. I was told i was successful and a very strong candidate at sheffield home office for an AO job in December 2019. However in mid January I received an email saying I was on a reserve list. Do you think I stand I good chance that they will contact me? Many thanks in advance :-)

daisychain01 Sun 10-Feb-19 15:53:32

Do you mean Dec 2018 ?

I don't think anyone on here can give you any %likelihood of success, it's impossible to be certain what the current circumstances are, but if they have proactively contacted you to give you that kind of feedback that means you've met the criteria and they may well be in touch again sooner than you think.

Don't hand your notice in if you are currently employed, and don't assume you've had a job offer from them until they give you a definitive response including a discussion about security clearance and salary levels followed by offer letter.

There are a few more steps in the process, but you're on the first rung of the ladder, which is great to get that far.

Marvellousmrsmadhouse999 Thu 14-Feb-19 21:17:07

Thanks for the reply. Lol I meant 2018. The lady told me not to put my notice in so maybe there is still hope. It's the wait which is stressing me out. Thank you again smile

Needajob1 Thu 14-Feb-19 21:22:29

A few years ago I was offered a job after being placed on the reserve list. A few years later I applied for a different job with another govt agency and was again put on the reserve list for 12 months. After 13 months they emailed to say there were still no vacancies so couldn't offer me anything and they withdrew the whole reserve list. So I'm back to square one.

Marvellousmrsmadhouse999 Fri 15-Feb-19 18:06:37

Sorry to hear that. It's ridiculous really, like me you probably feel your life is on hold until we get an offer. I wish you well.

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