SO has had no success with finding a job

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Faultymain5 Wed 28-Nov-18 06:31:48

Not sure of industry, but has he looked at temping?

MrsTerryPratcett Wed 28-Nov-18 05:08:36

If he's getting interviews then not getting the job, maybe see if there's anyone around who could coach him.

What kind of work is he looking for?

daisychain01 Wed 28-Nov-18 04:57:58

Walking out of his job wouldn't ever entitle him to temporary benefits, another reason to be more cautious in future before deciding to throw in the towel hastily.

daisychain01 Wed 28-Nov-18 04:55:38

It was foolhardy for him to walk out of a job so close to Christmas but he, and you, know that already. It's to his advantage that he only worked there for 2 months, he can at least disguise it on his CV and try to get things back on track with new employment.

What are his skills? Depending on his specialism, has he tried using CW Jobs website to gain access to contract work in your area, where it's far easier to get back into the work circuit and regain his credibility to a new employer.

rizzlmynizzle Wed 28-Nov-18 01:53:15

Hi all

My SO made a stupid mistake of walking out his job nearly 2 months ago over some employment disagreements. He had the attitude that he could walk out of one job and straight into another. Well it’s come around and bitten not only him the bum but me as well.

I can’t up my hours due to my workplace being completely full on staff. We’re barely scraping by. He hasn’t had any luck whatsoever finding a new job. He has applied for loads of jobs and has been declined from all of them. Any job applications that have been successful has ended up with him being unsuccessful during his interview.

With his job seeking turning into a lack of success, it’s causing heat at home. We end up in nasty arguments as he’s caused such a financial nightmare for the both of us. I’m under so much pressure to keep both of us under a roof, and I’m left thinking when it’s going to end.

Anyone been in this situation that can give advice. Looked online for any temporary benefits he could apply for, only to meet with no success. I feel like my life has been literally flipped upside down.

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