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advice please!! applying for job as Education Teaching Assistant for first time

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walbert Wed 20-Jun-07 17:20:49

Ok, am finishing mat leave soon, don't want to go back to existing job at bank so have seen 2 e.ta. posts that i want to apply forL problem is i don't have formal childcare experience: i helped my sister with her twins when born (now 3)as she was ill, have my dd, but my jobs have been bank / finance related, and voluntary work in care home, so i can 'match up' a lots of skills / requirements from employment history but how dire will it be with no childcare exp? any advice how i can sell myself? also, advice re plqanningv and implementing foundation / early stage curriculum? I'm swotting up on it now. any head teachers want to tell me what they would look for in an interviewee? I could do really well, i think, but it's not looking like a doofus on paper!!!!

lorisparkle Wed 20-Jun-07 20:23:17

In our school there are positions for unqualified and qualified teaching assistants. If the position is for an unqualified teaching assistant then we look for people who are enthusiastic and friendly but not too talkative. Who are good at taking on board what they are asked to do and can work on their own initiative. Who recognise that their role is to support and encourage the children whilst encouraging them to be independent and confident. Who recognise that the job may include 'boring' things as well (photocopying, washing paint pots, etc). Any computer / art skills are often seen as a bonus.

There are courses you can do 'on the job' for example NVQs and it may be worth finding out about them and if they want someone qualified see if they will support you in training.

Good luck

walbert Wed 20-Jun-07 22:08:02

thanks lorisparkle, am hoping to pick back up my o.u. course; hoping to finish degree in english so can then look to do pgce, but need to start getting foot in the door, but your comments are really helpful!!

lorisparkle Thu 21-Jun-07 10:21:03

If you find a school that you like and that will support you, once you have done your degree you can do the GTP. This means that you will get paid as an unqualified teacher over the year.

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