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melonballsaretasty Wed 14-Nov-18 23:29:16

Does anyone do this job? Can you tell me what it’s like? Pros and cons. What are the hours like? Would you recommend it?

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melonballsaretasty Thu 15-Nov-18 15:40:45


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hollytom Thu 15-Nov-18 16:53:04

I don’t do it yet but just got a provisional offer for this so would be interested to hear.

melonballsaretasty Thu 15-Nov-18 20:14:09

Hollytom what was the interview like? How soon after did they make you an offer?

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hollytom Thu 15-Nov-18 21:53:51

The interview was totally based on the competencies one question on each of the 4 areas tell us about a time you had a difficult conversation, when you worked with groups outside your business area, when you made an improvement to a service and when I had made a difficult decision.
I prepped my answers using the STAR method.
It was about 3 weeks before I found out I had been successful which seemed a long time to me but I think is pretty standard for the civil service.
Have you got an interview

Oldbutstillgotit Thu 15-Nov-18 22:04:40

I am a WC Team Leader . My WCs work very hard and try their best. Good customer service is paramount. Unfortunately the bad press around UC has made the job even more challenging and WCs feel unfairly vilified especially when it comes to sanctions. I honestly don’t remember the last time one of my team recommended a sanction despite some customers taking the piss. Most customers are really nice and are trying to move forward but some are rude, arrogant, threatening and unco-operative. You need to have a thick skin to do the job but the team camaraderie is usually excellent. Good luck.

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