Any graphic designers out there returning to work?

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mismris Thu 08-Nov-18 12:49:41

Hi All, in truth, I find networking a bit daunting, this is my first attempt at oiling of the wheel. I'm wanting to navigate back to design and advertising (creative services). I've had the babies and family and now I want to find my 'on-ramp' if you will and keep doing what I love. I'm a graphic designer by trade and whilst on maternity leave the company I worked for folded, so now I feel a little distance from the industry.

Can anyone share their experiences?

I've taken on a few freelancing jobs but it's feast and famine and I'm trying to figure out what key things I need to do to get people to see my work and give me a shot. I'm affordable, professional and very responsive. Along with being a graphic designer, I have many skill sets within the creative services and ideally would love to partner up with companies who are looking for design and creative services. I work remotely and have a full home studio. With two young ones, I need the freedom and flexibility that comes from remote working, but in saying that I do miss the office banter, so anything is possible.
So has anyone else experienced the challenges of finding the holy grail of work and life balance? Please share, I know I'm not alone it is just sometimes it feels that way smile

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