Bored at work - discrimination?

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Kxspop Thu 08-Nov-18 11:45:18

Hey guys,

Just wanted some advice if possible, as my work situation is really getting me down...

I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant and due to go on maternity at Christmas when I will be 36 weeks. It is a desk office job, so nothing strenuous or anything, but my main problem is having absolutely nothing to do by the time lunch rolls around. There has currently been some shifts in our department with people taking on extra work, or being trained on new processes, but I have not been included in this. I have told my boss that I am running low on work, but they have just told me to do admin tasks such as clear up folders or clear my desktop. My colleagues know that I am struggling and they have secretly been passing me extra work as they are overworked themselves. One colleague has even asked my boss if she could train me up to help her, but the reaction was that 'Katie is not the next person to train in this department'. I feel like I am being overlooked, and I have always been a very capable worker.

Obviously I only have 7ish weeks left, but each day is soul destroying and I am questioning whether to just leave earlier as I am not sure I even want to go back. Especially now I have found out that my maternity cover will be permanent once I return...

Any advise guys? How can I not go insane for the next 7 weeks, as I have no annual leave left?!

K x

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Ragwort Thu 08-Nov-18 11:48:34

What sort of company do you work for? It is crazy that you aren’t given enough to do, is there anyone more senior you can go to. If you really have done all possible filing & admin work I suggest you take a book in to read & if your boss says anything just say ‘please give me some work to do’.

Kxspop Thu 08-Nov-18 11:58:13

I work in Accounts Payable so its mostly receiving invoices in the post and via email and then processing them and replying to any queries. So once I get through the morning post and emails, then I am normally finished. Each employee has a set of accounts that they manage and check through daily for any problems. And some people don't want others putting their noses into their work if you try and help them...

I can understand in part as to why it may not be worth the training time for me as I am going in 7 weeks, but I feel I could be so much more use. Perhaps I'll try bringing a book in and making it very clear!

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MaybeDoctor Fri 09-Nov-18 10:24:18

I think it all depends on whether or not you want to return to work after maternity leave.

An light-workload role might be just what you want when you return to work after a baby and you could probably make a good case for it being part-time if that is what you wanted.

I think passive-aggressive actions such as taking a book could be a fast track to suggesting that your role isn't needed and finding that you don't have a job to come back to. In my last organisation all the people in similar finance roles were made redundant.

In the meantime, use excel to create the budget to end all budgets!

Alfie190 Sun 11-Nov-18 13:14:35

Personally, I think it is discrimination, they are not offering you the employment training opportunities that are being offered to other people on the basis of you being pregnant (well that is what it looks like to me).

I think you need to decide whether you want to rock the boat by perhaps asking to speak to your manager, or having a quick word with HR. Or whether you could find some personal projects to work on to while away the remainder of the day. I don't know what the right answer is, think I would be tempted to raise it, but then that is me.

redexpat Sun 11-Nov-18 15:51:51

I have always found passive aggressivly playing minesweeper is much more effective way of getting people to actually give me work than asking directly.

And yes I think it is discrimination actually. Write down what your similar level colleagues are being trained in.

Di11y Sun 11-Nov-18 16:12:09

Would it be your colleague doing the training? So no cost to the company and you could help in the afternoons. Sounds like it would be worth it, so worth bringing up again and asking why not allowed?


Kxspop Sun 11-Nov-18 17:15:41

Thank you everyone for your advice! I’ve got a one to one meeting this week as well as a team meeting with my manager so will bring up training again and see what she says, fingers crossed. I do agree however that maybe a lighter workload may be what I need when I return, as I may ultimately become part time.

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