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ShellieEllie Wed 07-Nov-18 21:56:08

My first ever thread so please be kind. I've worked for a company for over 5 years. The role is way below my abilities but it pays really well for what it is, I really like the team and the pension seems very generous but...... I'm now so bored. I've had 3 different managers over the years and they've all mentioned future opportunities in the pipeline that they think would be right up my street. These jobs have never materialised though and to be honest I can't really see them ever doing so. Would you move to another job below your abilities and with lower pay but to a company with real career progression opportunities. Hope that makes sense!

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Move2WY Wed 07-Nov-18 21:59:03

No, I would move companies to a step above, not a side step with promises of opportunity (as they may never materialise) but actual step up the ladder opportunities.

I would also tell my manager that i was bored and looking for something more challenging.

SandAndSea Wed 07-Nov-18 22:01:41

I can understand your frustration here.

I wonder if they would support you to do some on-the-job training which would help you to progress?

JennyHolzersGhost Wed 07-Nov-18 22:02:14

Email your manager to express interest in any future career development opportunities and ask whether there is a mentoring scheme. Cc HR in. See what happens. If nothing, then look to move on. Hopefully it should produce some results though, if your HR people aren’t useless.

JuniperBeer Wed 07-Nov-18 22:05:00

Do you have objectives?
Why isn’t your development being discussed during 1-2-1’s? Are you asking for courses, following up on projects? Is it possible you’re not chasing it so they don’t think you’re interested?

daisychain01 Thu 08-Nov-18 05:17:32

I'd consider what experience, training and qualifications you might need that will give you skills to move your role to the next level.

What frequently happens in organisations is that the choice opportunities are given to people who attract management's attention as having the potential of giving them what they need. So you need to line yourself up to be one of those people, by identifying what your medium and long term goals are, and start developing your skills aligned to achieve that.

If your company operates a development review as part of the performance cycle (most do nowadays) start the conversation with your manager and put some plans in place.

You could also look out there on the open market at what types of roles are being recruited for, to see if any of those float your boat.

If you feel underchallenged, it's because your role content is dull and you need to give them a reason to change that, but it does need effort on your side to achieve that.

daisychain01 Thu 08-Nov-18 05:21:20

Btw your manager isn't there to make your job more interesting I'm afraid. If they're getting what they need from you they will have zero incentive to change the status quo. Only you can do that.

Is there an internal vacancies board in your current company? You'd be better off staying with your current employer and applying for a different job as you get to keep your continuity of employment.

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