Office closing for funeral and time off

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Namechangedagain2 Fri 02-Nov-18 10:28:23

Hi all,

I work 5/7 days full time and my days change every week. The office is closing for the funeral of someone close the business on Monday. I was scheduled to work Monday and my day off was Friday.

I have just been told that everyones day off is now Monday and I have to work Friday. I have plans for Friday that really need to happen and as im working the rest of the week wont have anu time to do it. And besides, I dont really want to use my day off to attend the funeral of someone I don't even know. I did say that o would be happy to work on Monday and not attend prior to them deciding to close for the day.

I reckon if I say I can't work Friday I will lose a days pay.

What do you think guys? Is this right? Do I just need to suck it up?

Thanks all

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Alfie190 Fri 02-Nov-18 13:03:39

I think it will depend on your contract, what does it say regarding your shifts?

flowery Fri 02-Nov-18 19:05:31

What does your contract say about hours? Why would you have to use the day off to attend the funeral?

daisychain01 Sat 03-Nov-18 08:27:00

If they are closing the office on the normal day you work and that decision has a knock-on effect of impacting your normal day off, then that isn't your fault and they shouldn't penalise your income. The fact it's a funeral is a red herring.

If your contract specifies M - T as workdays and F as non-work day, then you can highlight it to your manager. Even if it isn't written down, if it has been your established work pattern, that's as good as a contract, so you can still point that out.

Can you suggest you work the Monday from home because you have commitments on Friday as your non-work day but you're happy to do the hours just not in the office?

No, you shouldn't have to suck it up.

daisychain01 Sat 03-Nov-18 08:40:08

I work 5/7 days full time and my days change every week

Just noticed one of your 5 workdays doesn't necessarily fall on a Friday, but it so happens it falls on a Friday on this particular week.

Either way, you shouldnt be forced to lose a days pay just because you can't work on that Friday, esp if they already preagreed that day so you've made your plans based on that.

Do you ever work on a Saturday? If so could you substitute the Mon for a Sat if your office is open that day?

Are other employees affected by this? What are they doing?

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