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Troodon Fri 02-Nov-18 09:57:48

I've got an interview coming up for a Probation Services Officer based at a local CRC. I applied through Indeed, and the company is Sodexo which I naively thought was working as a recruiter for the actual National Probation Service. Wrong! Research is telling me that this is actually part of the privatisation of the Probation Service, and actually the contracts will end in 2020. So I'm confused, is it worth even bothering? I'm in NHS at the moment and don't fancy private sector BUT I'm also skint, in need of a change/challenge and wonder if it's worth selling my soul for a couple of years? Would love any advice or input from anyone who may be in a similar position

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prh47bridge Fri 02-Nov-18 10:13:57

If Sodexo don't win the contract when it comes up for renewal it is likely you will transfer to whoever does win under TUPE, so you would remain on the same terms and conditions, length of service, etc.

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