Can they let me go ?

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TaylorBuff97 Wed 31-Oct-18 16:02:34

I'm about 6-7 weeks pregnant now.
About two months ago I had a miscarriage of twins, which they said was a slow miscarriage. I was in a lot of pain and emotionally I wasn't in a very good place.
One of my friends in work had already spread to everyone that I was pregnant, so going back in really made me anxious and uncomfortable as I couldn't say I'd lost them.
I was signed off for two weeks for the miscarriage, then went back into work for about 2-3 days but ended up an emotional wreck, after already having depression and anxiety, I went back the doctors and was signed off for another week.
I recently found out I'm pregnant again, but I've started bleeding.
I've been signed off till Friday as I've got to go for scans and give blood so my dr wants me to rest.
I've never had a formal warning or a first warning or anything like that in work before.
This is just a series of unfortunate events which has just destroyed me.
I can't loose me job as well.
I do have all the sick notes and any appointment letters they have given me.
They can't sack me can they? At least not without giving me a warning ?

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Rachelsholiday Wed 31-Oct-18 16:04:11

How long have you worked there?

Satsumaeater Wed 31-Oct-18 17:03:10

I think they can't sack for pregnancy related reasons regardless of length of service. Can someone more knowledgeable confirm?

Sorry for your losses flowers

dementedpixie Wed 31-Oct-18 17:06:07

Pregnancy related absence shouldn't be taken into account

dementedpixie Wed 31-Oct-18 17:07:53

flowery Wed 31-Oct-18 17:20:57

I’m sorry to hear that.

What makes you think they are going to sack you? Has anyone indicated that at all?

TaylorBuff97 Wed 31-Oct-18 17:31:04

I've been there since January, no it's just because ive been really close to one of my managers and when I went off the second time she's been really like rude with me and read my messages and not replied

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Alfie190 Wed 31-Oct-18 18:59:27

It doesn’t matter how long you have been there, discrimination against someone relating to one of the protected characteristics is unlawful from day one. So no, they cannot dismiss you for being sick.

Bombardier25966 Wed 31-Oct-18 19:03:40

They can't dismiss you for pregnancy related illness, but they may (or may not) try to get rid of you in other ways. You can still be performance managed out during pregnancy, they just need to be careful to do things by the book.

Take care of yourself for now. Easier said than done, but try to put work out of your mind.

AccidentallyRunToWindsor Wed 31-Oct-18 20:48:25

Absolutely not. Your absence has been pregnancy related.

MrsPinkCock Wed 31-Oct-18 21:10:23

Hi OP. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a shit time lately. I hope this pregnancy goes well - I bled a lot with my DD and she’s a healthy 13 year old now!

Regarding your query. They can’t dismiss you because of pregnancy related sickness. If your anxiety amounts to a legal disability, they can’t sack you for that either. But if your anxiety is not disability related then they can take that into account. You’d be protected in a pregnancy discrimination sense for two weeks after your miscarriage so in reality, it sounds like you’ve had one episode that isn’t (legally) linked to your pregnancy and they’d be on risky ground trying to sack you in these circumstances.

TaylorBuff97 Mon 19-Nov-18 09:08:51

The company I'm with are good friendly wise but no so much business, I only received a copy of my contract a few weeks ago after working there since feb. It says I'm on probation for 6 months. When speaking to one of my managers she brought it up by saying oh looks like you've passed probation, can't believe it's been 6 months already. But I've not formally signed anything.
The reasons I've been off have all been pregnancy related, I was told I couldn't have kids then when I got pregnant again they said they didn't think the baby would survive and there's still a very slim chance.

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