Demand for social workers in Scotland

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UrsiHun Sat 27-Oct-18 13:56:24

Hey there,
Having lived in Germany for 12 years I am now planning on returning to the UK. As I have never lived in Scotland I am not sure how to find out whether there's demand for social workers. The particular area of interest is child protection.

Is anyone here in that area themselves? I'll be grateful for any information.

Many thanks

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PirateHair Sat 27-Oct-18 13:57:56


PiperPublickOccurrences Sat 27-Oct-18 14:01:02

OP has also posted this in Scotsnet where she was told that Scotland isn't a town and she needs to be more specific.

Letsgetreadytorumba Sat 27-Oct-18 14:01:52

Depends where you are, it’s a fairly big area. My understanding is That Glasgow city council doesn’t have a massive demand - check out my job Scotland though.

Letsgetreadytorumba Sat 27-Oct-18 14:02:40

Cross post 😂

UrsiHun Sat 27-Oct-18 14:15:55

Dear PiperPublickOccurrances, in Germany the demand for social workers is very high and I dare say, the country isn't a twin either. And yet, somehow, the demand is ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.

Instead of being a smart arse, answer the question for the region you know about. Alternatively, don't comment at all if you have no idea about the answer with regards to ANY PART OF SCOTLAND.

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PiperPublickOccurrences Sat 27-Oct-18 14:36:51

Charming. Let's hope you have a better attitude towards your social work clients.

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