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maryland1988 Mon 15-Oct-18 12:35:38

I've been signed off from work and my work are constantly getting in touch asking me work related questions. No one has said anything even acknowledging that I'm off sick just constant work questions.

I've been signed off with HG (severe pregnancy sickness) and I've emailed in a handover to make sure none of my work gets behind, I've also apologised to all of my colleagues who will be affected by me being off. There's genuinely nothing I can do, they've seen first hand that I do not stop vomiting all day! And this is just making me so stressed out.
For what it's worth, my job is not life and death, they can cope without me! I think it's really unfair but then I am feeling sorry for myself at the minute so I'm wondering if I should suck it up?

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HoleyCoMoley Mon 15-Oct-18 14:41:33

If you're off sick you should not be getting calls, either call the manager if you have one or h.r, and tell them to stop contacting you. Don't answer their calls and look after your own health first. Explain you have sent an email and that should be enough.

prh47bridge Mon 15-Oct-18 15:26:34

If you're off sick you should not be getting calls

Rubbish. Employers are allowed to contact employees who are off sick. Indeed, their duty of care means they should keep in touch and see how the employee is doing.

The employer should use their common sense when contacting a sick employee with a work-related question. Can the question wait until the employee returns? Will contacting them aggravate their illness? The employer shouldn't be ringing the employee every five minutes but it may be ok to contact them in some situations.

maryland1988 - It sounds like your employer is not handling this properly. Tell them that their constant calls are making your condition worse and that they should only contact you if they want an update on your condition or if it is a real emergency.

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