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gamble1961 Fri 12-Oct-18 03:31:16

Can anyone help or offer any advice please. After a week long employment tribunal In January the Judge and panel reserved judgement until March.
I then found out in May that they had unanimously agreed my case for constructive and unfair dismissal and a few (but not all) counts of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination were upheld.
I lost on unfair treatment to part time workers.
Ex-employer's solicitor has now applied to the court for me to cover their legal bill (70K)
My fees to date are around about the same.
We are back in court in a couple of months time to agree settlement.
What is the likelihood of them succeeding? My solicitor has said they are doing this to cause me more stress and misery.

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daisychain01 Fri 12-Oct-18 06:16:02

Legal fees are invariably unrecoverable from the other side in Tribunal cases. More than likely each side will settle their own costs especially as you say you've each incurred similar costs.

I agree, they are trying to play hardball to give you more stress. A common tactic, its vile. Just ignore them.

daisychain01 Fri 12-Oct-18 06:19:24

Why don't you do a counterclaim and say you want your ex employer to settle your costs (esp as your claim has fully justified you taking them to Tribunal!). That would show 'em if the Judge agrees grin

gamble1961 Fri 12-Oct-18 08:55:13

Thank very much for your reply Daisy.

I have asked my solicitor if we too can apply to the court for my costs to be covered and they are looking into this. I appreciate in employment law that the recovery of costs is very rare, either for the claimant or the respondent. I guess it's just another way for my ex-employer to twist the knife a bit further and increase my costs. I left over 2.5yrs ago. I never thought Jess things could take so long.

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