Redundancy from secondment

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Pamsmi18 Wed 10-Oct-18 09:38:27

I have just begun the consultation process for my seconded role which will be due to finish in April. The timeline we have been given suggests the redundancies will also happen in April and no mention of earlier termination has been given.
I have just found out I am pregnant with my first baby and will be due in May. My employees don't know yet as I am only 6 weeks.
This is an internal secondment but the role I have been seconded from will not exist past April either.
Other colleagues in my current team are being offered the opportunity to apply for new roles. It hasn't been said that I don't have this opportunity but they have not said I have it either. When I have asked the question they have said it will be discussed in my 1-2-1. I do not have a date for this yet.
Does anyone know if I will be made to wait until April and face redundancy from my previous role or given the same opportunities as my colleagues in my current role?
Is it a good idea to tell my employers earlier than I had planned that I am pregnant or will it make the situation worse?
Should I look for another job now as it's unlikely I will get one in a few months when it's obvious I am pregnant? Or is this illegal?

I hope this makes sense. I'm really confused as to what to do for best.

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S0faSurfer10 Sat 13-Oct-18 14:44:06

If you are at risk of redundancy your employer should put everything in writing like dates. I can't see why you can't apply for internal or external jobs.

Alfie19 Fri 19-Oct-18 10:32:32

I am sure you are as entitled as anyone to apply for roles and I don't think this is something you need to be told, just do it.

I wouldn't change your current thinking on announcing the pregnancy, I cannot see what difference it makes. By the time the redundancies come round it will be perfectly obvious anyway.

Yes, it would be illegal to discriminate against you in an interview because you are pregnant, however in practice, I suspect they will just say their was a more suitable candidate.

AL51 Sun 25-Nov-18 17:18:22

Im wanting some advice please.
5 weeks ago i got made redundant from the company that i had worked for,for 4 years,this was due to the company been insolvent,it was a small company..i got redundancy money .however my former boss called me up a few days ago,and told me that he had set up a new company and brand new name,and he was now a sole trader,he ask if i had found a new job,and if not would i be interested in working for him as a self employed administrator..
And as ive not yet found a new job,i accepted his offer..

My question is,would there be any implications on if id have to pay any redundancy money back,additionally how long a gap would i need to leave before returning to work doing a job role that i used to do,but this time it would be working for a company that has a new name,and id be self employed.but working for my former boss. im only trying to earn money for a living,but don't want to have any comeback from HMRC for doing so.
any advice/ help would be greatly appreciated.

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